Division of Accelerator



The Division of Accelerator exercises functions of maintenance and operation for two cyclotrons, which are the K=110 MeV cyclotron and the 12 MeV small cyclotron for radioactivity production of PET. Those are mainly opened for the inside users of the university, and also for the domestic and international users as parts of collaborations.

As one of the representative cyclotrons in Japan, The K=110 MeV cyclotron has been developed and tuned for the heavy ion accelerations up to Kr beam using 2 ECR ion sources, and the well-collimated neutron beam production up to 40 MeV by intense proton beam. Two cyclotrons are utilized for various research fields of nuclear physics, nuclear engineering, agriculture and nuclear medicine.

The nuclear structure study is main research item of group. The RF ion-guide type on-line mass separator for short half-life nuclei is our key technique for the study of neutron-rich unstable nuclei, which has been originally developed. Several research items of ;

1) search for new neutron-rich unstable nuclei,
2) nuclear structure study by measurements of nuclear magnetic moments,
3) nuclear astrophysics ( Origin of elements in cosmos, synthesis for super heavy elements ), are progressing on.


Cyclotron, Heavy Ion Beam, Neutron Beam, Radio-Isotope, Unstable Nuclei, Nuclear Structure, Origin of Elements, Super Heavy Nuclei, Nuclear Spin Polarization


Professor Masatoshi ITOH

Assistant Professor   Satoshi ADACHI

  • Experimental Nuclear Physics
  • TEL: 022-795-7794
  • E-mail: adachi*cyric.tohoku.ac.jp (Please replace * with @)

Visiting Associate Professor Yohei Matsuda

  • Experimental Nuclear Physics
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering, Konan Univ.