Division of Radiation Protection and Safety control



Now, we use an accelerator, radiation and radioisotope for basic science and various research fields of engineering, the environmental science, and the medical treatment, etc. The usage has extended more and more. This is because of examining different kind of the interaction between radiations and materials closely from a physical and chemical side, and tying to develop a new technology that uses the findings. Furthermore the research of radiation protection for the safety usage of atomic energy or various radiations is related closely in fact to the research of radiotherapeutics to improve the quality of diagnosis or medical treatment, although those researches have been advanced individually until now. A new research area called radiology study has been recognized for effective use of nuclear reaction, accelerator or radiation in a broad research field. The research at the division of radiation protection and safety control is tackled aiming at “what is contributed to the creation of a society for people’s health and safety through radiology study” on the basis of researches which scrutinize the interaction between radiation and a substance from both physical and chemical side.


radiation, radioisotope, radiation safety control, radiation protection, radiology study, radiological biomedical engineering


Professor Hiroshi Watabe

  • PET/SPECT data analysis
  • TEL/FAX:022-795-7803 / 022-795-7809

    Assistant Masayasu Miyake

    • Radiation detector, PET, 放射線検出器、PET、Computer (software, hardware, network)

    Technical Expert Hideyuki Yuki

    • radiation safety control
    • TEL/FAX:022-795-7808 / 022-795-7809

    Technical Staff Kazunori Sato

    • radiation safety control
    • TEL/FAX:022-795-7808 / 022-795-7809