Give to CYRIC

We welcome donations from companies, organizations, and individuals for the purpose of academic research and the enhancement and development of education. 

The Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center of Tohoku University (CYRIC) is engaged in multipurpose use of the particle accelerator cyclotron, use of high-level radioisotopes and cyclotron-generated short-lived nuclides that are difficult to handle in each department.  University-wide education and training for the safe handling of radiation is another mission of ours. 

CYRIC is at the forefront of cutting-edge academic research and education, from basic to applied sciences. 

Donations will be used to enhance the environment for research and education. Donations are subject to preferential tax treatment under the Corporate Tax Law and the Income Tax Law. Please contact the Center’s administrative office if you have any questions regarding donations. 

TEL: 022-795-7800