About Aobayama site, RARIS

Overview and Role of the Aobayama site, RARIS

Aobayama site, RARIS (formerly CYRIC) was established in 1977 as an institution for carrying out research studies in various fields with the cyclotron and radioisotopes, and for training reseachers of Tohoku University for safe treatment of radioisotopes and radiations. CYRIC consists of four buildings: cyclotron building (5400m2), radioisotope building (2000m2), research building (1000m2), and molecular-imaging building. The cyclotron of CYRIC was manufactured by Sumitomo Heavy Industry Inc., Japan, form the design of CGR-Mev, France. The first beam was extracted at the end of December 1977. The scheduled operation of the cyclotron for research studies started in July 1979. At present we operate the cyclotron four whole days a week for research studies.

In conformity with the aim of establishment of RARIS, the cyclotron has been used for studies in various fields of research, such as nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, solid-state physics and element analysis by PIXE and activation, and for radioisotope production for use in engineering, biology and medicine. Seven divisions (Division of Accelerator, Division of Instrumentations, Division of Radio-pharmaceutical Chemistry, Division of Cyclotron Nuclear Medicine, Division of Radiation Protection and Safety Control, Division of Nuclear Fuel Science, and Division of Advanced Radiation Application) work for maintenance, development of facilities, and for studies of their individual research fields. The divisions belong to the graduate schools of Tohoku University.