Greeting from the Director

Since its establishment in 1979, the Center has provided a research environment using cyclotrons and radioisotopes (RI) to the research community in various fields, and has also played a role in radiation safety education throughout the University. 

As a result, the Center has produced a great deal of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research. It is the research divisions of the Center that have played a central role in this process. They have made efforts to improve the research environment to support researchers and have played a role in the development of interdisciplinary research and education at Tohoku University. The Center’s five research divisions, – Division of Accelerator, Division of Instrumentations, Division of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Division of Cyclotron Nuclear Medicine, and Division of Radiation Protection and Safety Control – work together to provide user support.  They are also forming cooperative chairs in the Graduate Schools of Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering, and are directly involved in education and research for students and graduate students. The five research divisions have achieved world-leading results in their own research fields and have received high academic recognition through publications and international conferences. 

The mission of the Center is to provide the best possible venue for education and research using particle beams from accelerators and radioisotopes to faculty and students on campus. To this end, we are constantly striving to improve the performance of the equipment. In fact, our center’s particle beam using the AVF cyclotron, radiation measurement, PET device development, RI labeling synthesis, and molecular imaging drug discovery have reached the highest level in the world. We hope that our co-users and center staff will continue to be stimulated, and sincerely ask for the support and encouragement of all concerned. 

Hiroshi Watabe, Director of the Center