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Staff members from the Nuclear Regulation Authority visited the site  

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, five members of the Radiation Regulation Division of the Nuclear Regulation Authority visited the Center. This is an attempt to improve radiation safety administration by actually observing the site of radiation utilization and management. 

First, an overview of the Center and the current status and problems of radiation control were introduced in the lecture room. Next, the participants toured the cyclotron main body room, beam irradiation room, exhaust system, and drainage system of the Center. 

The second half of the program was a visit to “Nano Terasu,” a next-generation synchrotron radiation facility currently under construction. The participants were able to see the linear accelerator, storage ring, and other equipment in the process of being assembled, and heard detailed explanations from specialists in each field. The visit to Tohoku University and the Nano Terasu was very fruitful for those who are responsible for radiation safety, as it was a time for active question and answer discussions. 

The main organization for the development and maintenance of NanoTerasu is the National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST). QST and Tohoku University have concluded a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement and a Collaborative Agreement on the Development and Utilization of Next Generation Synchrotron Radiation Facilities. Based on this agreement, in the field of radiation safety, QST’s Institute for Advanced Synchrotron Light Source and our Center have concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for mutual cooperation. We will promote efforts to improve radiation safety in Japan through the development of dose evaluation techniques and cooperation in radiation workers management systems and so on. 

The visit was conducted as part of a meeting of the Radiation Safety Council of Universities in Japan to exchange opinions with the Nuclear Regulation Authority.