1. Thermal-neutron Capture Cross-section by 151Eu Leading to the 9.27-hours Isomer

    Orihara H. , Satoh Y., and Umeda K.

  2. Measurement of Decay α Particles from the 15.1 MeV 0+ State in 16O via the 12C(16O,16O*[α + X])12C Reaction

    Itoh M., Takahashi T., Hayamizu T., Oikawa A., Sakemi Y., and Yoshida H.

  3. Present Status of the Search for Fr EDM

    Sakemi Y., Hayamizu T., Itoh M., Oikawa A., Takahashi T., and Yoshida H.

  4. Development of Thermal Ionizer for the Search of the Electron Electric Dipole Moment

    Hayamizu T., Oikawa A., Yoshida H., Itoh M., Takahashi T., and Sakemi Y.

  5. Development of the Beam Transport System for the Study on Atomic Parity Non Conservation

    Oikawa A., Hayamizu T., Yoshida H., Itoh M., Takahashi T., and Sakemi Y.


  1. Improvement in Cross-Polarization System for Radioisotope Polarization

    Izumi S., Wakui T., Shimada K., and Shinozuka T.

  2. Present Status of the High Intensity Fast Neutron Beam Facility

    Yoshida H., Itoh M., and Sakemi Y.

  3. Proton Irradiation Effects for GaN Schottky Diode

    Narita S., Ichinose D., Nishibori Y., Hitora T., Yamaguchi E., Sakemi Y., Itoh M., and Yoshida H.


  1. High Temperature Helium Embrittlement of 316FR Steel

    Hasegawa A., Nogami S., and Imaseki K.

  2. Proton Irradiation to Commercial Back-Thinned TDI-CCD for ASNARO Project

    Akiyama M., Miura M., Noguchi K., Sakashita T., Mitsuishi S., and Ishiwa T.

  3. Mitigation Techniques of Soft-Error Rates in Network Routers Validated in Accelerated Neutron Irradiation Test

    Toba T., Shimbo K., Nishii K., Ibe E., and Yahagi Y.

  4. Study of Neutron-Induced Soft Error Rate on Advanced DRAM

    Hayakawa T., Matsumoto T., Yahagi Y., Saito A., Hidaka M., Ibe E., Itoh M., Sakemi Y., and Baba M.

  5. Improvement of Energy Resolutions for Planar TlBr Detectors Using the Digital Pulse Processing Method

    Tada T., Tanaka T., Kim S.-Y., Wu Y., Hitomi K., Yamazaki H., and Ishii K.


  1. High-Resolution [18F]FDG-PET Measurement of a Murine Fibrosarcoma Treated With Proton Therapy Combined With the Vascular Disrupting Agent AVE8062

    Terakawa A., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Akiyama H., Koyata K., Ito Y., Tagawa A., Yasunaga S., Kawamura T., Takahashi Y., Yamazaki H., Tashiro M., Funaki Y., Furumoto S., Itoh N., Wada S., and Orihara H.

  2. Tritium Measurement Using a Photo-Stimulable Phosphor BaFBr(I):Eu2+ Plate

    Ohuchi H. and Hatano Y.

  3. Deeply Trapped Electrons in Imaging Plates and Their Utilization for Extending the Dynamic Range

    Ohuchi H. and Kondo Y.


  1. Progress of The Tohoku Microbeam System

    Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Kikuchi Y., Inomata K., Watanabe Y., Ishizaki A., Oyama R., Kawamura Y., Yamaguchi T., Momose G., Nagakura M.,Takahashi M., and Kamiya T.

  2. μ-CT Images of the Egg of Drosophila

    Okura S., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Yamazaki H., Terakawa A., Kikuchi Y. Fujiwara M., Kawamura Y., Tsuboi S., Yamazaki K., Watanabe M., and Fujikawa M.

  3. Measurement of Elemental Distributions in Mouse Brain by Using Submilli-PIXE Camera

    Fujiki K., Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Terakawa A., Kikuchi Y., Fujiwara M., Kawamura Y., Okura S., Fujikawa M., Catella G.1, Hashimoto Y., Hatori Y., Hamada N. ,Sakurai E., and Yanai K.

  4. 3D Imaging of Human Cells by Using PIXE-μ-CT

    Kawamura Y., Ishii K., Matsuytama S., Nakhostin M., Fujiwara M., Watanabe M., Okura S., Hamada N., Tsuboi S., Yamazaki K., Hashimoto Y., Fujikawa M., Catella G., Hatori Y., Fujiki K., Yamazaki H., Ortega R., Deves G., and Carmona A.

  5. Characterization of Corrosion Layer of Carbon Steel by Micro-PIXE/RBS Analysis

    Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Fujiwara M., Kikuchi Y., Nakhostin M., Kawamura Y., Tsuboi S., Yamanaka K., Watanabe M., Ohkura S., Hashimoto Y., Fujikawa M., Catella G., Fujiki K., Hatori Y., Hamada N., Tanino S., Abe H., Watanabe Y., and Yamazaki H.

  6. PIXE Analysis of Individual Particles in Coal Fly Ash

    Hatori Y., Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Terakawa A., Kikuchi Y., Fujiwara H., Kawamura Y., Okura S., Fujikawa M., Hamada N., Fujiki K., Inoue C., Yamazaki H., and Hashimoto Y.

  7. Microbeam Analysis of Yellow Sand Dust Particles

    Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Kikuchi Y., Kawamura Y., Oyama R., Yamanaka K., Yamamoto T., Watanabe M., Tsuboi S., and Arao K.

  8. PIXE Study on Translocation of Arsenate and Arsenite on Arsenic Hyperaccumulating Fern (Pteris Vittata)

    Yamazaki H, Ishii K., Matsuyama S. , Kikuchi Y., Terakawa Y., Kawamura Y. , Fujiki K. , Hatori Y., Hamada N. , Itoh Y., Fukaya A., Hatayama N., and Inoue C.


  1. Development of a Simplified MA Separation Process Using Novel R-BTP Adsorbents - II

    Kuraoka E., Usuda S., Liu R., Xu Y., Kim S.Y., Yamazaki H., and Ishii K.

  2. Study on Selective Separation of Cesium Using a Macroporous Silica-Based Supramolecular Recognition Absorbent

    Tozawa D., Wu Y., Ito T., Tada T., Hitomi K., Kuraoka E., Kim S-Y., Yamazaki H., and Ishii K.


  1. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a New Fluorine-18 Labeled MMP-2 Inhibitor for Cancer Imaging by PET

    Furumoto S., Sakai E., Ishikawa Y., and Iwata R.


  1. Imaging of Hypoxic Tissues in Glioblastoma by PET with [18F]FRP-170, a New 18F-labeled 2-Nitroimidazole Analog

    Shibahara I., Kumabe T., Kanamori M., Saito R. , Sonoda Y. , Watanabe M., Iwata R., Tashiro M., Takanami K., Kaneta T., Takai Y., Fukuda H., and Tominaga T.

  2. Imaging Prion Amyloid Plaques Using [11C]BF-227

    Okamura N., Shiga Y., Furumoto S., Tashiro M., Tsuboi Y., Furukawa K., Yanai K., Iwata R., Arai H., Kudo Y., Itoyama Y., and Doh-ura K.

  3. In vivo Visualization of α-Synuclein Deposition by [11C]BF-227 PET in Multiple System Atrophy

    Kikuchi A., Takeda A., Okamura N., Tashiro M., Hasegawa T., Furumoto S., Kobayashi M., Sugeno N., Baba T., Miki Y., Mori F., Wakabayashi K., Funaki Y., Iwata R., Takahashi S., Fukuda H., Arai H., Kudo Y., Yanai K., and Itoyama Y.

  4. Amyloid Imaging in MCI and Alzheimer's Disease with BF-227, a New PET Tracer: Comparison to FDG-PET

    Furukawa K., Okamura N., Tashiro M., Waragai M., Furumoto S., Iwata R., Yanai K., Kudo Y., and Arai H.

  5. Voxel-Based Analysis of Cerebral Amyloid Deposition Using [11C]BF-227 PET

    Shao H., Okamura N., Furukawa K., Furumoto S., Tashiro M., Iwata R., Kudo Y., Arai H., and Yanai K.

  6. Quantification of Amyloid β Deposition in Alzheimer's Disease Patients Using PET and [11C]BF-227

    Tashiro M., Okamura N., Watanuki S., Furumoto S., Furukawa K., Funaki Y., Iwata R., Kudo Y., Arai H., Watabe H., and Yanai K.

  7. Quantitative Analysis of Donepezil Binding to Acetylcholinesterase Using PET and [5-11C-methoxy]Donepezil

    Hiraoka K., Okamura N., Funaki Y., Watanuki S., Tashiro M., Kato M., Hayashi A., Hosokai Y., Yamasaki H., Fujii T., Mori E., Yanai K., and Watabe H.

  8. Hangover Effect of Orally Administered Antihistamines Measured by Brain Histamine H1 Receptor Occupancy Using PET and 11C-doxepin: A Comparison between Diphenhydramine and Bepotastine in Healthy Subjects

    Zhang D., Tashiro M., Okamura N., Shibuya K.3, Funaki Y., Watanuki S., and Yanai K.

  9. Impact of Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism on Brain Activation by Colorectal Distention

    Fukudo S., Kanazawa M., Mizuno T., Hamaguchi T., Kano M., Watanabe S., Sagami Y., Shoji T., Endo Y., Hongo M., Itoyama Y., Yanai K., Tashiro M., and Aoki M.

  10. Right Temporal-Lobe Contribution to the Retrieval of Family Relationships in Person Identification

    Abe N., Fujii T., Ueno A., Shigemune Y., Suzuki M., Tashiro M., and Mori E.

  11. Effects of Emotion and Reward Motivation on Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory Encoding: a PET Study

    Shigemune Y., Abe N., Suzuki M., Ueno A., Mori E., Tashiro M., Itoh M., and Fujii T.

  12. Neural Correlates of Forgiveness for Moral Transgressions Involving Deception

    Hayashi A., Abe N., Ueno A., Shigemune Y., Mori E., Tashiro M., and Fujii T.

  13. Brain Activity Following Esophageal Acid Infusion Using Positron Emission Tomography

    Kobayashi S., Abe Y., Tashiro M., Koike T., Iijima K., Imatani A., Ohara S., Watanabe S., Fukudo S., and Shimosegawa T.

  14. Scientific Evaluation on Effects of Chiropractic Treatment, a Type of Manual Therapy, Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

    Ogura T., Tashiro M., Masud M., Watanuki S., Shibuya K., Itoh M., Yamaguchi K., Fukuda H., and Yanai K.

  15. Occipital Glucose Metabolic Decrease by Donepezil Treatment Correlated with the Improvement of Visual Hallucinations in Dementia with Lewy Bodies: the Osaki-Tajiri Project

    Satoh M., Ishikawa H., Meguro K., Kasuya M., Ishii H., and Yamaguchi S.

  16. Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activates after Achievement of Obligatory Purpose

    Fujimoto T., Tashiro M., Chiba N., Masud M. M., Watanuki S., Ishii K., and Gondoh Y.

  17. Differences in Muscle Activities during Shoulder Elevation in Patients with Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Rotator Cuff Tears: Analysis Using Positron Emission Tomography

    Shinozaki N., Sano H., Omi R., Kishimoto K., Watanuki S., Tashiro M., and Itoi E.

  18. Evaluation of Skeletal Muscle Activity of Rower Limb Based on Surface and Deep Layers in Humans in vivo: A PET Study

    Masud M.M., Fujimoto T., Watanuki S., Miyake M., and Tashiro M.


  1. Beginners Training for Safe Handling of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Tohoku University

    Yamazaki H., Baba M., Miyata T., and Yuki H.

  2. Radiation Protection and Management

    Yuki H., Miyata T. , Yamazaki H., Baba M., and Nakae H.




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