1. 12C(α, n)16O Reaction at Eα = 50 MeV

    Orihara H., Hirasaki S., Miura K., Terakawa A., Ishii K., and Jon G. C.

  2. Gamow-Teller Strengths in the 14N(p,n)14O Reaction

    Okamura H., Hasegawa T., Terakawa A., Sugimoto N., and Fukushima S.
  3. RI-production Experiment for “Basic Research in Physics” at Physics Department, Tohoku University

    Kanda H., Hirose K., Maeda K., Miyase H., Ohtsuki T., Shinozuka T., and Yuki H.


  1. Development of the High-Intensity Fast Neutron Beam Facility

    Okamura H., Baba M., Kamata S., Itoga T., Hagiwara M., Hasegawa T., Sugimoto N., and Maeda K.

  2. Characterization of New Intense 7Li(p,n) Neutron Source at CYRIC

    Kamata S., Hagiwara M., Itoga T., Baba M., and Okamura H.

  3. Development of Nuclear G-factor Measurement System for the Low- lying Isomeric States of the Neutron Rich Unstable Nuclei at Tohoku-RFIGISOL

    Miyashita Y., Fujita M., Endo T., Yamazaki A., Suzuki T., Sato N., Sonoda T., Tanigaki M.,
    Kinoshita S., Koike T., Ma Y., Miura Y., Ukai M., Tamura H., and Shinozuka T.

  4. Beam Spreading System Employing the Double-scattering Method for Proton-therapy Experiments at CYRIC

    Terakawa A., Ishizaki A., Totsuka Y., Honda T., Miyashita T., Matsuyama S., Yamazaki H., Ishii K., Okamura H., Baba M., Itoh M., and Orihara H.

  5. Phase Space Tomography of Ion Beams from Cyclotron

    Okamura H. and Kou E.


  1. Effects of Helium-implantation on Fracture Behavior of Reduced Activation
    Martensitic Steel F82H

    Hasegawa A., Suzuki A., Tanaka K., Satou M., Abe K., and Jitsukawa S.

  2. Measurement of Neutron Emission Spectrum and Activation Cross-section on Fe and Ta for 40 MeV Deuteron Induced Reaction

    Itoga T., Hagiwara M., Oishi T., Kamada S., and Baba M.

  3. Application of Digital Signal Processing to Bragg Curve Spectrometer Using ii Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Oishi T., Sanami T., Hagiwara M., Itoga T., Yamauchi T., and Baba M.

  4. Upgrade of Ion Irradiation Apparatus for Semiconductor Devises

    Makino T., Hagiwara M., Itoga T., Hirabayashi N., and Baba M.,

  5. Measurement of Secondary Heavy Charged Particle Spectrum by Tens of MeV Nucleons

    Hagiwara M., Sanami T., Oishi T., Kamada S., Okuji T., and Baba M.

  6. Experimental Studies on Particles-induced Activation

    Uddin M.S., Baba M., and Hagiwara M.


  1. Skin Dose Measurement for Patients Using Imaging Plates in Interventional Radiology Procedures

    Ohuchi H., Satoh T., Eguchi Y., and Mori K.

  2. Estimating Effective Energies and H(10) of Scatters in Diagnostic X-ray Rooms Using Imaging Plates

    Ohuchi H., Jutou N., Satoh T., Eguchi Y.,Sasaki T., and Baba M.

  3. Development of Image Reconstruction Technology for Ultra High-resolution PET and Micron-CT

    Yamaguchi T., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Momose G., YamamotoY., and Watanabe Y.

  4. Study on Spatial Resolution of PET Camera Using Semiconductor Detector

    Kikuchi Y., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Yamaguchi T., and Yamamoto Y.
  5. Examination of Aging in Sensitivity and Resolution of SET-2400W PET Scanner

    Watanuki S., Miyake M., Tashiro M., and Itoh M.
  6. Study on Application of an Proton Therapy Accelerator to Boron Neutron Capture Therapy [BNCT] using MCNPX

    Unno Y., Yonai S., and Baba M.


  1. The Results of Chemical State Analusis for Cr Compounds Using Carbon Ion PIXE

    Amartaian TS., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Suzuki A., Yamaguchi T., Abe S., Inomata K., and Watanabe Y.

  2. Development of Monitoring System of Aqueous Environment by PIXE VI: Quantitative Analysis for Cr(III) and Cr(VI) Ions in Environmental Water

    Yamazaki H., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Takahashi Y., Amartaian TS., Yamaguchi T., Momose G., Inomata K., Watanabe Y., Ishizaki A., Oyama R., and Kawamura Y.


  1. Distribution Behavior of Technetium to Liquid, Solid Phases and onto Metal Surfaces after Supercritical Water Treatment

    Satoh I., Yamamura T., Okuyama N., Shiokawa Y., Takahashi M., Sekine T., Sugiyama W., Park K. -C., and Tomiyasu H.

  2. Insertion of Po in C60 Fullerenes and Formation of Dimers

    Ohtsuki T., and Ohno K.

  3. Formation Cross Section of 244Cf and 245Cf in the Reaction of 238U+12C

    Ohtsuki T., Yuki H., Takamiya K., Kasamatsu Y., Takabe T., Nakajima K., Hasegawa H., Shinohara A., Shibata S., Mitsugashira T., Sato N., Suzuki T., Miyashita Y., Shinozuka T., Kikunaga H., and Nakanishi T.

  4. Measurement of the Cross Section of the 40Ar(α,2p)42Ar Reaction

    Yuki H., Sato N., Ohtsuki T., Shinozuka T., Baba M., Ido T., and Morinaga H.


  1. A Comparison of Technetium and Rhenium Uptake by Plants

    Tagami, K., Uchida, S. and Sekine, T.

  2. Automated Preparation of O-[11C]methyl-L-tyrosine Using Miniature Valves
    on a Manifold

    Ishikawa Y., Iwata R., Furumoto S., Pascali C., Bogni A., Kubota K., and Ishiwata K.


  1. Correlation of FDG Accumulation in the Frontal Cortex with Fractional Anisotropy in the Corpus Callosum

    Inoue K., Ito H., Ito M., and Fukuda H.

  2. Differential Activation of the Human Brain in Response to Sham Stimulation after Experience of Visceral Stimulation

    Hamaguchi T., Kano M., Kanazawa M., Rikimaru H., Watanabe S., Itoh M., Yanai K., and Fukudo S..

  3. Does Colonic Motility Really become Conditioned in Humans? A PET Study Using Transcutaneus Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

    Kanazawa M., Endo M., Yamaguchi K., Hamaguchi T., William E. Whitehead., Itoh M., and Fukudo S.

  4. Neural Correlates of Deception

    Abe N., Suzuki M., Tsukiura T., Mori E., Yamaguchi K., Itoh M., and Fujii T.


  1. Beginners Training for Safe Handling of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Tohoku University

    Baba M., Miyata T., Iwata R., and Nakamura T.

  2. Radiation Protection and Management

    Miyata T., Baba M. and Watanabe N.



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