1. Search for Gamow-Teller Strengths in14 O via the (p,n) Reaction

    Okamura H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H., Sugimoto N., Shinozaki H., and Hasegawa T.

  2. Reduction of the Gamow-Teller Matrix Element for the ��-decay in 70Ga-70Zn by the 35-MeV (p,n) Reaction on70 Zn

    Orihara H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H., Kikuchi Y., Kumagai K., G. C. Jon., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.
  3. The16O(p,n)16 F Reaction at 50 MeV

    Sugimoto N., Orihara H. , Terakawa A. , Suzuki H. , Kumagai K., Kikuchi Y.

  4. Nucleon Density Distributions in Nuclei Studied by the Microscopic�@Lane-model Analysis for the Isobaric-analog-state Transition

    Terakawa A., Okamura H., Suzuki H., Sugimoto N. Shinozaki H., Hasegawa T., Fukushima
    S., Kumagai K., and Orihara H.

  5. Mass Separation of Proton Induced Fission Products�@by the CYRIC RF-IGISOL

    Sonoda T., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Endo T., Goto A., Miyashita Y., Sato N., Suzuki T., Tanaka E., and Shinozuka T.

  6. Measurement of the Nuclear G-factor of the 27? High-spin Isomer�@State of 152Dy

    Fujita M., Endo T., Yamazaki A., Miyake T., Tanaka E., Sonoda T., Suzuki T., Goto A., Miyashita Y., Sato N., Wakabayashi Y., Hokoiwa N., Kibe M., Fukuchi T., Odahara A., Gono Y., and Shinozuka T.

  7. Half-life Measurement of70 Br and Non-analog Beta Decay

    Suzuki T., Miyake T., Endo T., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Goto A., Miyashita Y., Sato N., Sonoda T., Tanaka E., and Shinozuka T.


  1. Development of New Data Acquisition Systems

    Okamura H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H., Sugimoto N., Shinozaki H., Hasegawa T., Shinozuka T., Miyake T., Suzuki T., Gotoh A., and Maeda K.

  2. A New PAC Measurement System Using 6 Clover-type HPGe Detectors

    Fujita M., Goto A., Endo T., Yamazaki A., Miyake T., Tanaka E., Sonoda T., Suzuki T.,
    Miyashita Y., Sato N., Fujibayashi T., Tamura H., Maeda K., Okamura H., and
    Shinozuka T.

  3. Present Status of the 14.5GHz all Permanent Magnet Type ECRIS
    at CYRIC

    Miyashita Y., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Tanaka E., and Shinozuka T.

  4. Beam-bunching System for the K=110 AVF Cyclotron at CYRIC

    Suzuki H., Terakawa A., Fujita M., Okamura H., Shinozuka T., and Orihara H.

  5. H- Acceleration by the 930 AVF Cyclotron

    Endo T., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Miyashita Y., Kan S., Chiba, S., Omiya Y.,
    Matsumura A., Yokokawa S., Yokoi T., Honma T., and Shinozuka T.

  6. Design of the Rotating Beam-irradiation System Employing the Beam Swinger for Charged-particle Therapy Experiments at CYRIC

    Terakawa A., Ishii K., Okamura H., Baba M., Itoh M., Ishizaki A., and Orihara H.


  1. Experimental Studies on the Neutron Emission Spectra and Activation Cross-section in IFMIF Accelerator Structural Elements

    Hagiwara M., Baba M., Uddin M. S. Itoga T., Hirabayashi N., Oishi T., and Yamauchi T.

  2. Experimental Studies on the Fragment Productions in Proton- and Neutron- induced Reactions

    Hagiwara M., Sanami T., Oishi T., Baba M., Hirabayashi N., Takada M., Nakashima H.,
    and Tanaka S.

  3. Measurements of Differential Thick Target Neutron Yield for Fe, Cu(p,xn) Reactions at 35, 50 and 70 MeV

    Itoga T., Hagiwara M., Yamauchi T., Ohishi T., Kawata N., Hirabayashi N., and Baba M.

  4. Experimental Investigations on the Proton-induced Activation Reactions on Tantalum and Molybdenum

    Uddin M.S, Baba M., and Hagiwara M.

  5. Application of Digital Signal Processing for Radiation Detectors Using Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Oishi T., SanamiI T., Hagiwara M., Itoga T., YamauchiI T., and Baba M.


  1. Relationship Between Transmission Scan Duration and Object Size in PET

    Watanuki S., Kumagai K., Itoh M., and Ishii K

  2. Improvement in the Quantitative Accuracy and Quality of PET Images by Iterative Method

    Oishi Y., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Rodriguez M., Suzuki A.,
    Yamaguchi T., Itoh M., and Watanuki S

  3. Improvement of PET Image Reconstruction by Using the Single Events Spectrum

    Rodriguez M., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Oishi Y., Suzuki A,
    Yamaguchi T., Itoh M., and Watanuki S.

  4. Benchmark Experiments for Cyclotron-based Neutron Source for BNCT

    Yonai S., Itoga T., Nakamura T., BabaM., Yashima H. Yokobori H., and Tahara Y.,
  5. An Approach of Dose Mapping Using Imaging Plates in Interventional Radiology Procedures

    Ohuchi H., Satoh T., Eguchi Y., and Yamadera A.


  1. Applicability of Carbon Ions in PIXE Analysis

    Amartaivan T., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Suzuki A., Yamaguchi T., Abe S.,
    Inomata K., and Watanabe Y.

  2. Development of Monitoring System of Aqueous Environment by PIXE V: Elemental Analysis of Water Leakage from a Landfill Site of Industrial Waste Generating Hydrogen Sulfide

    Yamazaki H., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Takahashi Y., Amartaivan Ts., Suzuki A.,
    Yamaguchi T., Momose G., and Abe S.

  3. Mapping of Heavy Metals Accumulated Implants Using a Submili-PIXE Camera

    Watanabe R., Hara J., Inoue C., Chida T., Amartaivan Ts., Matsuyama S.,
    Yamazaki H., and Ishii K.


  1. Measurement of the Cross Section of the40 Ar(��,2p)42Ar Reaction

    Sato N., Yuki H., Ohtsuki T., Shinozuka T., Baba M., Ido T., and Morinaga H.

  2. Collection of the Potassium-42 from40 Ar(��,pn)42K Reaction

    Yuki H., Satoh N., Ohtsuki T., Shinozuka T., Baba M., Ido T., and Morinaga H.

  3. Target Preparation by the Precipitation Method for Nuclear Reactions and the Production of Californium Isotopes

    Ohtsuki T., Yuki H., Takamiya K., Shibata S., Mitsugashira T., Sato N.,
    Suzuki T., Miyashita Y., Fujita M., Shinozuka T., Kasamatsu Y.,
    Hasegawa H., and Shinohara A.,

  4. Analysis of Technetium-99 in Marshall Islands Soil Samples by ICP-MS

    Tagami K., Uchida S., and Sekine T.


  1. Automated Preparation of [18F]FRP-170 as a Hypoxic Cell Marker for Clinical PET Studies

    Ishikawa Y., Morita M., Furumoto S., Takai Y., and Iwata R.

  2. O-[18F]Fluoromethyl-L-Tyrosine for the Differentiation Between Tumor and Inflammation

    Suzuki M., Yamaguchi K., Honda G., Iwata R., Furumoto S., Jeong MG., and Itoh M.


  1. Central Itching Modulation : A Human PET Study

    Mochizuki. H, Tashiro M., Kano M., Sakurada Y., Itoh M., and Yanai K.

  2. Exercise Induced Changes in Whole-body Energy Metabolism Evaluated by Positron Emission Tomography and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG-PET)

    Mehedi M., Itoh M., Fujimoto T., Yamaguchi K., Miyake M., Watanuki S., and Sabina K.

  3. Functional Brain Mapping During Actual Car Driving: A FDG-PET Study

    Jeong M., Singh L.N., Yamaguchi K., Horikawa E., Tashiro M., Miyake M.,
    Fukuda H., Iwata R., and Itoh M.

  4. Effects of Sedative Antihistamines on the Regional Cerebral Blood Flow During Simulated Car Driving

    Sakurada Y., Tashiro M., Mochizuki H., Horikawa E., Okamura N., Itoh M., and Yanai K.

  5. Metabolic Correlations Between Muscle and Brain at Exercise

    Sabina K., Fujimoto T. , Ishii K., Yamaguchi K., Watanuki S., Miyake M., and Itoh M.

  6. Sedative Profiles of Second-generation Antihistamines

    Tashiro M. , Iwabuchi., Sakurada Y., Mochizuki H., Kato M., Horikawa E.,Funaki Y., Iwata R., Itoh M., and Yanai K.

  7. Imaging of Histamine H1 Receptors in Schizophrenic Patients

    Iwabuchi K.,, Ito C., Tashiro M., Kato M., Itoh M., Iwata R., Matsuoka H., Sato M., and Yanai K.

  8. Visceral Perception and Emotion are Correlated to Brain Activity during Colonic Distention in Human

    Hamaguchi T., Kano M., Rikimaru H., Kanazawa M., Itoh M., Yanai K., and Fukudo S.

  9. FDG-PET for Diagnosis of an Advanced Jejunal Adenocarcinoma with Distant Metastases, Compared with Gallium Scintigraphy

    Yamaura G., Yoshioka T., Yamaguchi K., Fukuda H., and Ishioka C.


  1. Beginners Training for Safe Handling of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Tohoku University

    Baba M., Miyata T., Iwata R., and Nakamura T.

  2. Radiation Protection and Management

    Miyata T., Baba M., and Watanabe N.



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