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  1. Nuclear Structure Study of 50Mn by Charge-exchange (p,n) Reaction on 50Cr (336KB)

    Kamurai G., Orihara H., Terakawa A., Yamamoto A., Suzuki H., Mizuno H., Kikuchi Y., Kumagai K., G. C. Jon., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.

  2. Isospin Excitation in 22Na Studied by the 22Ne(p,n)22Na Reaction at Ep=35 MeV (336KB)

    Orihara H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H. , Kumagai K., G. C. Jon., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.

  3. Improvement on ECR Ion Source for the Production of Highly Charged Ions (147KB)

    Fujita M., Miyashita Y.,Yamazaki A., Tanaka E. and Shinozuka T.

  4. New Beam Transport System at CYRIC (194KB)

    Terakawa A., Misu T., Itoh K., Suzuki H., Orihara H., Chiba S.,Ohmiya Y., Takahashi N., Kan S., Fujita M., and Shinozuka T.

  5. Development of RF- IGISOL at CYRIC (477KB)

    Sonoda T., Fujita M., Endo T., Yamazaki A., Miyake T., Suzuki T., Goto A., Miyashita Y., Sato N., Tanaka E., Shinozuka T., Mitugasira T., Ohtsuki T., Takamiya K., Yuki H.

  6. Developments of a High-speed Target Transfer System for the Short-lived Nuclei (303KB)

    Suzuki T.,, Miyake T., Fujita M., Endo T., Sonoda T., Goto A., MiyashitaY., Tanaka E., Takahashi Y. and Shinozuka T.

  7. Effect of He Pre-implantation and Neutron Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of SiC/SiC Composite (309KB)

    Hasegawa A., Nogami S., Snead L.L., Jones R.H., and Abe K.

  8. Evaluation of Ductile-brittle Transition Behavior of Helium-Implanted Reduced Activation Martensitic Steel F82H by Miniature Charpy Specimens ( 799KB)

    Hasegawa A., Wakabayashi E., Tanaka K., Abe K., and Jitsukawa S.

  9. Preliminary Results on Estimating the Attenuation Coefficients in PET using the Single Events (385KB)

    Rodriguez M., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Oishi Y., Suzuki A., Yamaguchi T., Watanuki S., and Itoh M.

  10. Stopping Rule for EM Algorithm Based on the ImageReconstructed by FBP Algorithm ( 575KB)

    Oishi Y., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Kikuchi Y., Rodriguez M., Suzuki A., Yamaguchi T., Watanuki S., and Itoh M.

  11. NEC Evaluation of the Front Shield in Rejecting Annihilation Photons from Out Side of Field of View in 3D Brain PET Study ( 231KB)

    Watanuki S., Ishii K. and Itoh M.

  12. Multi-site Aerosol Monitoring Using Mini Step Sampler ( 1124KB)

    Matsuyama S., Katoh K., Sugihara S., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Satoh T., Amartaivan Ts., Tanaka A., Komori H., Hotta K., Izukawa D., Mizuma K., Orihara H., Nakamura E., Satoh N., Futatsugawa S., and Sera K.


  1. Technetium-99 Concentrations in Japanese Rice Paddy Fields ( 157KB)

    Tagami, K., Uchida, S. and Sekine, T.

  2. Preparation of O-[18F]Fluoromethyl-L-Tyrosine as a Potential Tumor Imaging Agent ( 203KB)

    Iwata R., Furumoto S., Pascali C., Bogni A., and Ishiwata K.


  1. Changes of Brain Distribution of [11C]methamphetamine by Pentobarbital Anesthesia in Mice ( 189KB)

    Hishinuma T., Nakagawa N., Nakamura H., Iwata R., and Goto J.

  2. Biological Evaluation of [5-11C-methoxy]Donepezil in the Rat Brain ( 161KB)

    Funaki Y., Kato M., Iwata R., Sakurai E., Sakurai E., Tashiro M., Ido T., and Yanai K.

  3. Preliminary Biological Evaluation of Fluorine-18 Labeled MMP-2 Inhibitor for Cancer Imaging by PET ( 468KB)

    Furumoto S., Takashima K., Kubota K., Iwata R., Ido T., and Fukuda H.

  4. Immunohistochemical Changes of S100 Protein in MPTP-Treated Mice ( 345KB)

    Muramatsu Y., Kurosaki R.,, Harasawa T., Hara A., Kimura S., Imai Y.,
    and Araki T.

  5. Biochemical, Behavioral and Immunohistochemical Study in the Brain of MPTP-treated Mouse Model ( 230KB)

    Kurosaki R., Muramatsu Y., Hara A., Harasawa T., Kimura S., Imai Y.,
    and Araki T.


  1. Functional Module of the Brain Correlates the Trait Anxiety by Colonic Distention (237KB)

    Hamaguchi T., Kano M., Rikimaru H., Kanazawa M., Itoh M., Yanai K., and Fukudo S.

  2. Time-Dependent Contribution of the Hippocampal Complex duringRemembering the Past: A PET Study ( 259KB)

    Tsukiura T., Fujii T., Okuda J., Ohtake H., Kawashima R., Itoh M., Fukuda H., and Yamadori A.

  3. FDG PET in Patients with Gastric Cancer ( 243KB)

    Yoshioka T., Yamaguchi K., Yamaura G., Fukuda H., and Ishioka C.


  1. Neutron Spectrum and 7Be Production of the Li(d.n) Reaction for the IFMIF ( 214KB)

    Hagiwara M., Baba M., Kawata N., Itoga T., and Hirabayashi N.

  2. Experimental Studies of the Proton-induced Activation Cross-sections on Tantalum ( 167KB)

    Uddin M. S., Hagiwara M., Kawata N., Itoga T., Hirabayashi N., Baba M. Tarkanyi F., Ditroi F.,and Csikai J.

  3. Development of Ion Irradiation Apparatus for Simulation of Cosmic-ray Effect to Semiconductor Devices ( 150KB)

    Hirabayashi N., Baba M., Hagiwara M., and Itoga T.

  4. Design and Benchmark Experiment for Cyclotron-based Neutron Source for BNCT ( 202KB)

    Yonai S., ItogaT., Nakamura T., Baba M., Yashima, H. Yokobori H., and Tahara Y.

  5. Development of Thermal Neutron Profiling Method Using an Optical Fiber ( 223KB)

    Itoga T., Kawata N., Hagiwara M., Hirabayashi N., Baba M., Nishitani T., and Ochiai K.

  6. Development of a New Passive Integral Dosemeter for Gamma Ray Monitoring using an Imaging Plate ( 241KB)

    Ohuchi H., Yamadera A., and Baba M.

  7. Beginners Training for Safe Handling of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Tohoku University ( 241KB)

    Baba M., Miyata T., Iwata R., and Nakamura T.

  8. Radiation Protection and Management ( 149KB)

    Miyata T., Baba M., and Watanabe N.



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