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  1. Method of Determination for Gamow-Teller Matrix-elements in light Nuclei by (p,n) Cross-section at Ep=35MeV
    Orihara H., Terakawa A., Itoh K., Suzuki H., Kumagai K., Kikuchi Y., Jon G. C., Ishii K., Niizeki T., and Ohnuma H.
  2. Level Scheme of 141Nd
    Gono Y., Kashiyama O., Fukuchi T., Shinozuka T., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., and Sonoda T.
  3. Development of Low Energy Hyperpolarized Radioactive Isotope Beams
    Miyoshi H., Ueno H., Asahi K., Ogawa H., Kameda D., Kaihara J., Sato W., Watanabe H., and Shinozuka T.
  4. Study of neutron Induced Nuclear Reactions at CYRIC
    Hirose K., Inoue M., Kanda H., Kobayashi Y., Maeda K., orihara H., Shinozuka T., Suzuki H., Terakawa A., Terasawa T., Utoyama m., and Yamaguchi Y.
  5. Replacement of the Tohoku cyclotron(from K-50 mev to 130 mev)
    Shinozuka T., Fujita m., Terakawa A., Yamazaki A., Tanigaki M., Misu T., Fujioka M., and Orihara H.
  6. RF System for the New AVF Cycrotoron at CYRIC
    Tanigaki M., Chiba S., Fujita M., and Shinozuka T.
  7. A Control System for the new AVF Cycrotoron at CYRIC
    Fujita M., Chiba S., Ohmiya Y., Takahashi N.., Tanigaki M., terakawa a., and Shinozuka T.

  8. design and construction of an ECR Ion Source with All Permanent magnets for the new Cycrotoron
    Yamazaki A., Tanaka E., Fujita M., and Shinozuka T.

  9. New Fast-neutron Tome of Flight Facilitics at CYRIC
    Terakawa A., Suzuki H., kumagai K., Kikuchi Y., Uekusa T., Uemori T., Fujisawa H., sugimoto M., Itoh K., and Orihara H.
  10. Renewal of the ISOL Facilities
    Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Sonoda T., Suzuki T., Ohshima T., Mizumuma K., Tanaka E., Tamura H., and Shinozuka T.
  11. Development of New - IGSOL at CYRIC
    Sonoda T., Fujita M., Yamazaki A., Ohshima T., Takeda M., Tanaka E., and Shinozuka T.
  12. Preparation of metalic 42Ca Target for study by the (p,n) Reaction
    Suzuki H., Katoh M., Kumagai K., Kikuchi Y., Fujisawa H., Terakawa A., and Orihara H.
  13. Development of a neutron Beam Profile Moniter
    Hirtose k., Kanda H., Kobayashi Y., Maeda K., Takahashi K., Utoyama M., and Yamaguchi Y.
  14. PIXE-Monitoring of time variation of Elemental Concentration on rain Water and River water
    Yamazaki H., Ishii K., matsuyama S., Takahashi Y., Satoh T., Endo H., and Orihara H.


  1. Preparation of 11C-radiophamaceuticals from [11C]methyl Triflate by loop Method
    Iwata R., Miyake Y., Kato M., Yanai K., Ido T., and Ishiwata K.


  1. Membrane Ganglioside Composition Important Factor in Bata-Amyloid Accumulation on cell Surface
    Valdes-Gonzalez T., Inagawa J. and Ido T.
  2. Effect of Metal ions on Beta-Amyloid Aggregation: Surface Plasmon Resonance and Atomic Force Microscopy
    Valdes-Gonzalez T., Kitamura I., Matsumoto J., Saji H., and Ido T.
  3. Protective Effect of Riluzole on MPTP-Induced Depletion of Dopamine and Its Metabolite Content in Mice
    Akasaka M., Kumagai T., Ido T., Araki T., Matrsubara M., Imai Y., and Itoyama Y.
  4. The examination of Image Reconstruction Parameter of the Tree-dimensinal PET Data Using OSEM
    Watanuki S., Ozaki K., Miyake M., Itoh M., and Orihara H.
  5. Effect of Capsaicin and Atropine on Uptake of F-18 Fliorodeoxyglucode in Rat Salivary Glands
    Fujiwara K., Yamaguchi K., Rikimaru H., Taniguchi M., Iikubo M., Sakamoto M., Sasano T., and Ito M.


  1. Current states of Clinical Use of positron Emission Tomography: Examples of Western Countries
    Tashiro M., Kubota K., Itoh M., Yanai k., and Sasaki H.
  2. Brain Function Evaluated by 18F-DG PET in Spinocerebllar Ataxia Type7
    Tsuda T., tanji H., Onodera Y., Koyama T., Ono S., Fukuda H., Itoh M., and Itoyama Y.
  3. Effect of Stereotactic pallidal surgery on Dopamine D2 Receptor in Advanced Pakinson's Disease
    Nakajima T., Nimura T., Abdo T., Shirane R., Ozaki K., Chida Y., Yamaguchi K., Itoh M., Yoshimoto T.
  4. Assessment of Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Function in Patients with dementia with Lewy Bodies
    Okamura N., Hu X. S., Arai H., Maruyama M., Higuchi M., Tashiro M., Matsui T., Itoh M., and sasaki H.
  5. regional Glucose Hypometabolism in Brain of patients with Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Alzheimer's disease
    Okamura N., Arai H., Higuchi M., Tashiro M., Maruyama M., matsui T., Hu X. S., Itoh M., and Sasaki H.
  6. The Efflux Transport of Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate at the Blood-Braain Barrier
    Asada H., Hosoda K., Takanaga H., Ohtsuki S., Tamura E., Takizawa T. and Terasaki T.
  7. Functional Module of the Brain inResponse to Colonic Distention in Human
    Hamaguchi T., Kano M., Kanazawa M., Rikimaru H., Tomiie T., Yanai K., Itoh M., and Fukudo S.
  8. Localization of 18F-FDG ina mouth Cavity Using Oral Intake PET Study
    Ozaki K., Rikimaru H., Yamaguchi K., and Itoh M.
  9. Recall of Embedded Words from a Story: a PET Study
    Ohtake H., Fujii T., Okuda J., Tsukiura T., Kawashima R., Itoh M., Fukuda H., and Yamadori A.
  10. Fluorodeoxyglucose Temolate for Satoistical Parametric mapping
    Rikimaru H., itoh m., Yamaguchi k., Tashiro M., Watanuki S., Miyake M., Watanabe M.
  11. Measurement of salivary Radioactivity after Injection of Fluorodeoxyglucose
    Rikimaru H., ozaki K., Itoh M., Tashiro M., Watanuki S., Miyaake M., Yamaguchi k., Watanabe M.
  12. PET Imaging Based on the Fourier Rebinning Algorithm
    Oishi Y., ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Watanuki S., Itoh M., and Orihara H.


  1. Measurement of Thick Target Nutron Yields and Neutron induced Activation Cross Sections for ten's of Mev Protons and Neutrons
    Akio T., Hagiwara M., Baba M., Yashima H., Yonai S., Miura T., Kawata N., and Yamadera A.
  2. Measurment of Newtron Spatial Distribution by Using Activation Foils and imaging Plate
    Hagiwara M., Aoki T., Yanadera A., and Baba M.
  3. Development of Position-Sensitive Proton Recoil Telescope(PSPRT)
    Miura T., Baba M., Kawata N., Aoki T., Hagiwara M.
  4. Dependence on the Radiations and their Energies for Fading Functional equation of Imaging Plate
    Ohuchi H., and Yanadera A.
  5. Training for safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray machines for Beginners in Tohoku University
    Baba M., Yamadera A., Miyata T., and Nakamura T.
  6. Radiation Protection and Management
    Miyata T., Yamadera A., baba M., nakamura T., and Watanabe N.