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  1. Isovector Part of Optical Potentials Studied through Analog Transitions in the (p,n)
    Reaction at 20MeV

    Jon G.C., Orihara H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.
  2. Single-particle States in 69,71Ga Studied through (d,n) Reactions on 68,70Zn(II)
    Kikuchi Y., Orihara H., Terakawa A., Suzuki H., Kumagai K., Fujisawa H., Hosaka M., Jon G.C., Ishii K., and Ohnwna H.
  3. An Empirical Rule for Preparation of 111In PAC Source by Thermal Methods
    Hanada R.
  4. PAC Spectroscopy on Nickel-Carbon Alloys
    Hanada R.
  5. PAC Spectroscopy of Ni-Substitutional Alloys
    Hanada R.
  6. PAC Spectroscopy of Cu Silicide
    Hanada R.
  7. Hyperfine Interactions with the Presence of Both Electric Field Gradient and Magnetic Field-An Application to 111In PAC Spectroscopy
    Hanada R.
  8. PAC Spectroscopy on Tb at 77K and RT
    Hanada R.
  9. PAC Spectroscopy of Gd between 18K and RT
    Hanada R.
  10. PAC Spectroscopy of Gd-Tb Alloy between 18K and RT
    Hanada R.
  11. Attempt at Elemental Analysis of Soluble and Insoluble Fractions of River-waters by PIXE
    Yamazaki H., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Takahashi Y., Sasaki T., Orihara H., and lzumi Y.
  12. An Open experiment of a Submilli-PIXE Camera
    Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Iwasaki S., Tokai Y., Sugimoto A., Endo H., Ozawa T. and Orihara H.
  13. No Deterioration Elemental Analysis with In-air Subumilli PIXE Camera
    Matsuyama S.. Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Endoh H., Gotoh K., Satoh T., Yamamoto K., Sugimoto A., Tokai Y., Orihara H., Yokota. S, Fujisawa A., Sekine T., Nara Y., Chiba N., and Sutoh T.
  14. Via-PIXE Analysis of Elemental Composition of Plant Root Exposed to Environmental Stress
    Yokota S., Matsuyama S., Endoh H., Sugimoto A., Tokai Y., Yamazaki H., Ishii K., and Mae T.
  15. Beam Properties of the CYRIC AVF Cyclotron in the Central Region
    Misu T. and Shinozuka T.
  16. Optical Properties of the Spiral Inflector with Space Charge Effect
    Misu T.
  17. Classical Periodic Orbits in Renection-Asymmetric Deformed Cavity-Fission Model-
    Misu T.
  18. A Boundary Formation Method Using a Median Filter Processing for Attenuation Correction in 3-D PET
    Mizuta T., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama S., Oishi Y.,Itoh M., Yamaguchi K., Watanuki S., and Orihara H.
  19. Phase Correction-Analysis between EEG and MEG Simultaneously Measured by a Simple System Composed of One-channel SQUID Fluxmeter and Two-channel EEG Dvice
    Nagasawa M., Suzuki A., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Matsuyama N., Watanuki S., Itoh M., and Orihara H.


  1. Radiosynthesis of 1-[2-[18F]Fluoro-1-(hydroxymethyl)-Ethoxy]methyl-2-Nitroimidazole([18F]FENI)
    Wada H., Iwata R., Ido T., and Takai Y..


  1. Mastoparan Causes Ca2+ Release from Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum through its Binding to a 97kDa Protein
    Hirata Y. , Nakahara N., and Ohizumi Y.
  2. Neuroprotective Effects of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor and Glutamate Receptor Inhibitor on MPTP-indulced Dopamine and DOPAC Depletion in Mice
    Kumagai T., Kosaka R., Ido T., Araki T., Imai Y., Mizugaki M., and Itoyama Y.
  3. Metabolism of [18F]fluorodiacylglycerol in Rat Hippocampal Neurons in Vitro
    Wakayama K. and Ido T.
  4. Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors Induce Motor Abnormality in Mice
    Mizutani H., Araki T., Matsubara M., Imai Y., Mizugaki M. and Itoyama Y.

  5. Characterization of Neuropeptide Interactions with Glycolipid Receptors by Surface Plasmon Resonance
    Valdes-Gonzalez T., Inagawa J, and Ido T.
  6. Biochemical changes in the brain of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)-treated mouse
    Mikami T., Araki T., Tanji H., Imai Y., Mizugaki M., and Itoyama Y.
  7. Excitotoxicity Induces Changes in Rat Brain GanglioSides
    Vakles-Gonzalez T., Morita Y., Suzuki K., and, Ido T.


  1. Dynamic PET Imaging of Whole Body Glucose Distribution after Oral Administration of [18F]-fluoro-deoxy-glucose
    Yamaguchi K., Ozaki K., Itoh M., Masud M., Watanuki S., Miyake M., Rikimaru H., and Ido T.
  2. Image Analysis of Intractable Epilepsy:18F-FDG PET Scan of the Cortical Dysplasia
    Togashi N., Haginoya K., Munakata M., Kato R., Yokoyama H., and Iinuma K.
  3. A Comparative Study of Brain Activity between two Different Resting Conditions using 3D-PET
    Musud M., Itoh M., Yamaguchi K., Rikimaru H., Tashiro M., Ozaki K., Jeong M., Ido T., Watanuk S., and Miyake M.
  4. Relationship between Cerebral Glucose Metabolism and CSF Markers in Neurodegenerative Dementia
    Okamura N., Arai H., Higuchi M., Tashiro M, Matsui T., Hu X.S., Itoh M., and Sasaki H.
  5. Regional Metabolic Abnormality in Brains of Patients with Cancer
    Tashiro M., Kubota K., Itoh M., Yamaguchi K., Yoshioka T., Yoshida M., Nakagawa Y., Kumano H., and Sasaki H.
  6. Imaging of Psycho-neuro-immune Interaction in Human
    Tashiro M., Kubota K., Itoh M., Kumano H. and Sasaki H.
  7. Three Dimensions in the State of Memory and Emotion Concerned with a Person:Factor Analysis Using Subject's Self Evaluation and PET
    Sugiura, M., Kawashima, R., Gotoh, R , Okada, K., Watanabe, J., Satoh, K., Yamaguchi, K., Itoh, M ., Schormann T., and Fukuda, H.
  8. Clinical Application of SPM and PET to Localize Epileptogenic Foci in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
    Nakajima T., Shamoto H., Shirane R., Itoh M., and Yoshimoto T.
  9. Effects of Stereotactic Pallidal Surgery on Regional Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Advanced Parkinson's Disease
    Nakajima T., Nimura T., Ando T., Shirane R, Yamaguchi K., Itoh M., and Yoshimoto T.
  10. A case of Autoimmune-related Pancreatitis - usefulness of Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography for the Evaluation of the Effect of Steroid Therapy
    Takasu A., Satoh K., Satoh A., Asakura T., Nagasaki Y., Shimosegawa T., and Itoh M.


  1. Development of Gamma Ray Monitor Using CdZnTe Semiconductor Detector
    Rasolonjatovo A.H.D., Shiomi T., Nakamura T., Tsudaka Y., Fujiwara H., Araki H., Matsuo K..and Nishizawa H.
  2. Fast Neutron Profiling with Imaging Plate (4)-Neutron Scattering Effects in Fast Neutron Imaging
    Miura T., Hiroishi T., Aoki T., Sanami T., Nakamura T., Baba M., and Yamadera A
  3. Functional Equation for the Fading Correction ofImaging Plates II
    Ohuchi H., Yamadera A. and Nakamura T.
  4. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University
    Nakamura T.,Baba Y., Yamadera A., and Miyata T.

  5. Radiation Protection and Management
    Miyata T., Yamadera A., Nakamura T. and Watanabe N.