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I. Projrct for Heavy Charged-particle Beam Multi-purpose Use

  1. Projrct for Heavy Charged-particle Beam Multi-purpose Use (279kb)
    Orihara. H.


  1. Compartion of (p,n) Cross-section with Gamow-Teller -decay Rates among Tz=-1,0 and 1 Isobar Triplet (366kb)
    Orihara. H., Suzuki H., Terakawa A.,Jon G. C. and Ohnuma H.
  2. Nuclear Structure Study of 36K by Charge-exchange (p,n) Reaction on 36Ar. (433kb)
    Orihara H., Suzyki H., Jon. G. C., Terakawa A., Ymamoto A., Mizuno H., Kamurai G., Kikuchi Y., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.
  3. Single-Particle States in the 51,53Mn Nuclei. (319kb)
    Hirai M., Nakagawa T., Fujii Y., Yamazaki A., matsunaga M., Kumagai K., Orihara H., terakawa A., Itoh K., Yun C. C., Yamamoto A., Kawami K., Suzuki H., Kamurai G., Mizuno H., And kikuchi Y.
  4. Gamow-Teller Transition in the 92Zr(p,n)92Nb Reaction at 35 MeV (233kb)
    Mizuno H., Orihara H., Terakawa A., Yamamoto A., Suzuki H., Kamurai G., Kikuchi Y., Jon. G. C., Ishii K., and Ohnuma H.
  5. Charge Polarization of Fission Products in Proton-Induced Fission of 238U and 232Th. (117kb)
    Kaji D., Goto S., Kudo H., Fujita M., Shinozuka T., and fujioka M.
  6. Semiclassical Origin of Quantum Shells in the Wlliptic Billiard. (694kb)
    Misu T., Arita K., and Matsuyanagi K.
  7. A Peak-intensity Oriented Least-squares Fitting. (93kb)
    Fujita M., and Fujioka M.
  8. Schottkey-CdTe Detector (Pt/CdTe/In) for Angular Correlation Measurement.(91kb)
    Hoshino T., Tanigaki M., Fujita M., Sonoda T., Baba T., Shinozuka T., and Fujioka M.
  9. Preparation of 111In Source by a Melting Method for PAC Spectroscopy.r (263kb)
    Hanada R.
  10. PAC Spectroscopy of Iron-Carbon Martensite. (249kb)
    Hanada R.
  11. PAC Spectroscopy of Fe-Si Alloys. (266kb)
    Hanada R.
  12. PAC Spectroscopy of Fe Binary Alloys. (214kb)
    Hanada R.
  13. PAC Spectroscopy of Ni Alloys. (251kb)
    Hanada R.
  14. PAC Spectroscopy of Si Alloys.(237kb)
    Hanada R.
  15. Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Oxidation of 57Fe on Au Surface. (186kb)
    Hanada R.
  16. PIXE Analysis of Thorium and Uranium in Drainage from a Radioisotope Laboratory. (462kb)
    Yamazaki H., Takahashi Y., Ishii K., Matsuyama S., Sato T., and Orihara H.
  17. An Endurance Test of Kapton Foil in In-Air PIXE System. (322kb)
    Matsuyama S., Inoue J., Ishii K., Yamazaki H., Iwasaki S., Goto K., Murozino K., Sato T., and orihara H.
  18. Development of a Submilli-PIXE Camera. (429kb)
    Matsuyama S., Gotoh K., Ishi K., Yamazaki H., Satoh T., Yamamoto K., Sugimoto K., Sato T., and Orihara H.
  19. Radiation Damage of Paper Samples in In-Air PIXE Analysis. (173kb)
  20. PIXE Analysis of Aerosol Samples Collected at the Suburbs of SENDAI City. (294kb)
  21. Application of Vertical-beam In-Air PIXE to Surface Analysis of Plant Root Exposed to Aluminum Stress. (291kb)
  22. Strontium-Calicium Ratios in Sagittal Otoliths of the Juvenile Japanese Flounder Exposed to Diluted Sea Wate (327kb)


  1. Are Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon(PAH) Precursors Produced by 15-Mev Proton Irradiation of Benzene? (275kb)
  2. Analysis of Brain Alpha Rhythm with Multi-channel EEG Machine. (151kb)


  1. Production of PET Radionuclides with a Cypris HM-12 Cyclotron at CYRIC. (238kb)
    Iwata R., Ishikawa Y., funaki Y., Wada H., Ido T., Nagata K., Norita T., and Tanaka A.
  2. Synthesis of 1-O-(8-[18F]fluorooctanoyl)-2-O-palmitoyl-rac-glycerol for PET Imaging of Intracellular Signaling. (193kb)
    Furumoto S., Iwata R., And Ido T.
  3. A Convenient Method for the Preparation of 4-[18F]fluorobenzyl Bromide, a Versatile 18F-labeling Precursor. (173kb)
  4. Sequential Changes of Dopamine Uptake Sites in the Mouse Brain after MPTP Treatment. (377kb)
  5. Myotoxin a, a Rattlesnake Venom, Causes Ca2+ Release from Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum with a Novel Mechanism Common to DIDS,a Stilbene Derivative. (388kb)
  6. Intra-tumoral Accumulation of Technetium-99m Sestamibi Compared to Carbon-14 Deoxyglucose in Mouse Breast Cancer Nodels. (395kb)


  1. .Standardization of the Head-neck PET Images. (185kb)
  2. Olfactory Stimulus Processing by Human Brain-A Functional Stidy. (432kb)
  3. FDG-PET for the Evaluation of Residual and Regrowth During Chemotherapy. (262kb)
  4. Attenuation Correction in3-D PET. (147kb)
  5. A Research of Image Reconstruction for 3-D PET Based on Fourier Rebinning Algorithm.(271kb)
  6. Transmission scan conditions in Positron Enission Tomograph SET-2400W (376kb)


  1. Fast Neutron Profiling width Imaging Plate(3). (325kb)
  2. The Functional Equation for the Fading Correction of Imaging Plate. (360kb)
  3. Training for safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University. (76kb)
  4. Radiation Protection and Management (88kb)