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  1. Shell-Model and Distorted-Wave Analysis for the (p,n) Reactions on 6,7Li at 35 MeV (286kb)
  2. High Energy g-ray Production from Be, C, Al Targets by 50-MeV alpha-particle bombardment (167kb)
  3. Total Reaction Cross Section and Forward Glory Scattering in Heavy Ion Collision (179kb)
  4. Measurement of Neutron Spallation Cross Sections of 12C, 27Al and 209B (121kb)
  5. Single Particle States in the 49Sc Nucleus (211kb)
  6. Study of Neutron-Rich N = 50 Nuclei (85kb)
  7. Branching Ratio of the Direct Proton Decay from the Isobaric Analog State Populated by the 208Pb(p,n)208Bi Reaction (199kb)
  8. TRIM Calculation of Distribution of Ions Implanted to Fe (AMU=1-210) and Si (AMU=1-10) in the Energy Range of ISOL (10-60keV) (123kb)
  9. PAC Study of Recovery of Fe Implanted by 111In (123kb)
  10. Effects of Hydrogen Charging on the PAC Spectrum of Fe (166kb)
  11. PAC Study of Si with Fe Impurities Doped by Implantation or Diffusion(131kb)
  12. Conversion Electron Moesbauer Spectroscopy(CEMS) of Impurities Implanted Fe.(127kb)
  13. Performance of a Parallel Plate Avalanche Counter(PPAC) for Emission Moessbauer Spectroscopy.(72kb)
  14. Effects of Helium on Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials for Nuclear Reactors (135kb)
  15. A Weak-Coupling Approach to the Least-Squares Method. (87kb)
  16. A Note on the Paraxial Expansion of Cylindrically Symmetric Magnetic Field (49kb)
  17. Field Properties of a Small Dipole Magnet Utilizing 4-Pairs of Permanent-Magnets (122kb)
  18. Annealing Effects of Au-Si Nuclear Detectors Irradiated by 10 MeV a- Rays (105kb)
  19. Characteristics of a High-Purity Germanium Detector (149kb)
  20. Development of the RF Separator for the Secondary Beam from the Incident Particles (201kb)
  21. Alignment of atomic inner-shells by proton impact (76kb)


  1. Separation of 95mTc Produced in Proton Irradiated Molybdenum by Sublimation Method (126kb)
  2. Highly Sensitive Determination of Oxygen in Copper by Charged Particle Activation Analysis (131kb)


  1. Effects of Haloperidol and Cocaine on Pharmacokinetics of [11C]Methamphetamine in Methamphetamine Sensitized Dog (268kb)
  2. Present Status of the [18F]FDG Production at CYRIC (206kb)
  3. [18F]Labeling of Pyruvic Acid (123kb)
  4. In Vivo Distribution of 18F -fluoromisonidazole (94kb)
  5. Effect of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor on 18F -FDG Uptake in Experimental Inflammatory Tissue (84kb)
  6. Double-Tracer Tissue Distribution Study of 3H-Thymidine and 18F -FDG in Experimental Inflammatory Tissue (79kb)
  7. Mastoparan Induces Phosphatidylcholine Hydrolysis by Phospholipase D Activation in Human Astrocytoma Cells (274kb)
  8. 4, 6-Dibromo-3-Hydroxycarbazole (an Analogue of Caffeine-like Ca2+ Releaser), a Novel Type of Inhibitor of Ca2+-Induced Ca2+ Release in Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum. (154kb)
  9. Structure-activity Relationship of Bromoeudistomin D, a Powerful Ca2+ Releaser in Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (134kb)
  10. The Properties of Specific Binding Site of 125I-Radioiodinated Myotoxin a, a Novel Ca++ Releasing, agent in Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (130kb)
  11. Effect of Aging in Bindings of Second Messengers in the Rat Brain (377kb)
  12. Effect of Sewage on Plasma Cortisol and Element Concentrations in Goldfish, Carassius auratus (165kb)


  1. 3D PET system with supercomputer (266kb)
  2. Functional Anatomical Studies of Encoding and Retrieval in Verbal Recognition Tasks(420kb)
  3. Neuroanatomical Correlates of Semantic Processing: A Positron Emission Tomographic Study(379kb)
  4. Assessment of a Non-Anastomotic Bypass Surgery in Childhood Moyamoya Disease:Characteristics of Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism (364kb)
  5. Normal Distribution of the Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors in the Human Brain Studied with 11C-Benztropine and the Human Brain Atlas System (100kb)
  6. Brain 6-[18F]fluorodopa Uptake in Early and Late Onset Parkinson's Disease Assessed by Positron Emission Tomography: Clinical and Neurochemical Correlations (512kb)
  7. PET Study of Striatal Fluorodopa Uptake and Dopamine D2 Receptor Binding in a Patient with Juvenile Parkinsonism (594kb)
  8. Regional Glucose Metabolism and Dopamine Uptake in the Brain of Patients with Corticobasal Degeneration Studied with Positron Emission Tomography (1306kb)


  1. Visualization of Radiation Distribution with High Sensitive CCD Camera (278kb)
  2. Internal Dose Estimation for Continuous Inhalation of C15O2, 15O2 and C15O, using TLD method (249kb)
  3. Radiation Protection and Management (66kb)
  4. Measurement of Heavy Ion Tracks Using Imaging Plate (153kb)
  5. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University (59kb)