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  1. 15N(p, n)15O Reaction at 35 MeV. (193kb)
  2. The 16O(3He, n) Reaction at E = 45 MeV (238kb)
  3. Study of the Proton Single-Particle Strengths in 19F and Proton Shell Closure of 18O through the 18O(d, n)19F Reaction (320kb)
  4. The 42Ca(d, n)43Sc Reaction and Hole Strengths of the sd-Shell for 40,42,44Ca (241kb)
  5. Iso-spin Mixing in the Super-Allowed Fermi Transition - The Decay of 54Co (129kb)
  6. Proton Particle States in 69,71Ga Studied through (d, n) Reactions on 68,70Zn (205kb)
  7. Nuclear g-Factor of the 1229 keV 13/2+ Isomer in 143Nd (117kb)
  8. Proton Single-Particle States in 209Bi via the 208Pb(d, n)209Bi Reaction (220kb)
  9. Moesbauer Spectroscopy of Co-Evaporated Ag-Fe Alloys (126kb)
  10. Moesbauer Spectroscopy of Fe-Ag Layered Structure (161kb)
  11. PAC Spectrum in Cd and Cd-In Alloys at High Temperatures (215kb)
  12. Precision Measurement of Hyperfine Structure of 87SrII (130kb)
  13. Study of the Central-Region Orbits of the CYRIC 680 Cyclotron (163kb)
  14. Construction of Radioactive-Beam Course. (129kb)
  15. Test of Elastic Scattering Measurement with Proton-Rich Radioactive Beam (83kb)
  16. Fabrication of a New IGISOL Chamber for Fission Product (110kb)
  17. Reduction of Background on x-Ray Crystal Spectrometer (100kb)
  18. m - VAX Data Acquisition System in CYRIC (1) for Fast-Neutron Time-of-Flight Facilities (139kb)
  19. Ion-Opticl Design of the High-Resolution Mass Separator for the Japanese Hadron Project (IV) (270kb)
  20. A Note on a Simplified Model of Energy Shift and Broadening in an Ion-Guide Isotope Separator (111kb)


  1. Measurements of LX-ray Chemical Influence in Chromium Compounds (117kb)
  2. Variation of Pertechnetate Ion Adsorption on Activated Carbons from Different Sources (133kb)
  3. Synergic Extraction of Lanthanoids (III) with Thenoyltrifluoroacetone and Terpyridine (210kb)
  4. Proton Activation Analysis of Several Trace Impurities in Standard Steel Samples (167kb)


  1. Automated On-line [11C]Methylation System (190kb)
  2. 18F-Labeling of 1, 2-Diacylglycerol (350kb)
  3. Production of 28Mg for Biological Studies (161kb)
  4. Alteration in Biodistribution of 11C-Methamphetamine and 11C-Cocaine (242kb)
  5. Development of a New in vivo Double Autoradiogram for the Analysis of Dopaminergic System of the Rat Brain (227kb)
  6. Alteration of 45Ca Accumulation and Second Messenger System in the Postischemic Rat Brain Using [3H] inositol 1, 4, 5 -Trisphosphate Autoradiography (513kb)
  7. Alterations in Neurotransmitter-Receptor and Second-Messenger System Binding in the Gerbil Hippocampus Following Repeated Ischemic Insults (389kb)
  8. Alterations of [3H]Forskolin Binding in the Postischemic Rat Brain. (408kb)
  9. Alteration of Dopamine D-1 Receptor in the Postischemic Rat Brain (258kb)
  10. Effect of Mergocriptine on Ischemia-induced Brain Damages (399kb)
  11. Assessment of Tumor Blood Flow Using Positron Emission Tomography and H215O: Effect of Hydralazine and Nifedipine (262kb)
  12. Accumulation of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoro-D-Galactose in Well Differentiated Hepatoma of Mouse and Rats (221kb)
  13. The Effect of Preloaded N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-Glucose on the Tissue Distribution of N-[18F]Fluoroacetyl-D-glucosamine in Tumor Bearing Rats (159kb)
  14. Experimental Studies on Comparison among Changes of 18FDG Uptake of the Myocardium, ECG and Histological Findings in Doxorubicin-administered Rats (288kb)
  15. Triple-labeled Whole-body Autoradiography of Tumor Bearing Rat using 18F-FDG, 67Ga-Citrate and 75Se-Selenomethionine (240kb)
  16. Microautoradiographic Study of 18F-FDG in Mouse FM3A Tumor Tissue in Vivo (345kb)
  17. Distribution of 2-[18F]FDOPA in B16 Melanoma: a Double-Tracer Microautoradiographic Study (432kb)
  18. Scintigraphic Assessment of the Intestinal Absorptive Capacity (166kb)


  1. Measurement of rCBF Using 15O-Labeled CO2 Dynamic Inhalation. - Simulation for the Optimum Scan Protocol (249kb)
  2. EEG Monitoring during PET Activation Study Using C15O2 Dynamic Inhalation Method (205kb)
  3. Difference of Frontal Lobe Activity between Mental Task (Kraeperin Test) and General Exercise Task Detected with FDG Study (145kb)
  4. Effect of Kanji and Kana Reading on Cerebral Blood Flow (224kb)
  5. Detection of Visual Pathway Abnormalities in Albinism Using Positron Emission Tomography and 18F-FDG (261kb)
  6. Cerebral Glucose Metabolic Rate in Visual Cortics Associated with Visual Dysfunction in Multi-Infarct Dementia (373kb)
  7. Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism Disturbances in Children with Craniosynostosis (337kb)
  8. Evaluation of Kinetic Constants In The Brain Glucose Metabolism by The Weighted Integration Method:Studied with the TOF PET (250kb)
  9. Hepatic Glucose Metabolism of Diabetic Patient Evaluated by 18FDG PET Scan (149kb)
  10. 18FDG Uptake of the Myocardium in PET Images of Patients under Cancer (169kb)
  11. Possibility for the Detection of Tumor Metastatic Potential with PET Tracers (269kb)
  12. Differential Diagnosis of Pancreatic Diseases using PET (594kb)


  1. Internal Dosimetry of 11C Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals Used in PET Studies (219kb)
  2. Estimation of Organ Biodistribution of Activities in Human from External Measurement with TLD (176kb)
  3. Development of Real Time Personal Neutron (249kb)
  4. Dosimeter with Two Silicon DetectorsRadiation Protection and Management (67kb)
  5. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University (52kb)