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  1. Observation of Isovector 1hw Spin-Flip Excitation by the 18O(p, n) 18F Reaction at Ep = 35 MeV (161 kb)
  2. Single-Proton Strength in 19F Through the (d, n) Reaction at 25 MeV (146 kb)
  3. Proton Occupatopn Numbers in the Ground States of Sd-Shell Nuclei (I) (177 kb)
  4. Nuclear g-Factors of the 3485 and 3925 KeV Isomers in 142Nd (170 kb)
  5. Charge Deviation of Fission Products in the Proton-Induced Fission of 238U (91 kb)
  6. Monochromatic p-Li Neutron Field Estimation for the Measurement of Activation Cross Sections (132 kb)
  7. Calculations of United-Atomic Bremsstrahlung (132 kb)
  8. Production and Recovery of Radiation Damage in a-Particle Irradiated Fe-Si Alloys (230 kb)
  9. PAC Study of Cd Proton Irradiated at 77K (163 kb)
  10. Study of the Central-Region Orbits of the Model-680 Cyclotron of CYRIC (182 kb)
  11. Production of Focusing Low-Energy Radioactive Beams (142 kb)
  12. Measurement of the Hyperfine Constant of 87Sr+ Stored in an Ion-trap by a Laser-Microwave Double Resonance Method (97 kb)
  13. Performance Test of a BaF2 Detector System for High-Energy g-rays (132 kb)
  14. Ion Optics of a High-Resolution ISOL for JHP-(III) (186 kb)
  15. A Basic Design Principle of the Magnetic Part of the High-Resolution Mass Separator of the Japanese Hadson Project (136 kb)


  1. Confirmation of Energy Dependence of the Yield of Parent Type Species in Recoil-implanted Tris (b-Diketonato) Chromium (III) (158 kb)
  2. Variation of Pertechnetate Ion Adsorption on Some Active Carbons From Mineral Acid Solutions (108 kb)
  3. Charged Particle Activation Analysis of Light Elements-Measurement of Thick Target Yield Curves for the Determination of Boron (132 kb)
  4. Determination of Trace Metals in Biological Samples by PIXE Analysis After Solvent Extraction and Polystyrene-Film Collection (160 kb)
  5. Determination of Indium Concentration in GaAs: In Semiconductor by PIXE (117 kb)
  6. Mossbauer Study on Local Structural Change of Iron Species During Stream-Gasification of Iron-Loaded Brown Coal (149 kb)


  1. Synthesis of 11C-Labeled Cocaine and Its Biodistribution in Mice (267 kb)
  2. The Synthesis of [N-Methyl-11C]-Benztropine (254 kb)
  3. Automated System for Direct Production of [N-13]Ammonia with a Circulating Water-Hydrogen Target (195 kb)
  4. Synthesis of 17-[18F]Fluoro-5-methylheptadecanoic Acid (251 kb)
  5. Chemical Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoroacetamido-4-0-(2-Amino-2-Deoxy- b-D-Glucopyranosyl)-D-Glucopyranose from [18F]Fluoride (186 kb)
  6. Exo-Focal Postischemic Neuronal Death in the Rat Brain (985 kb)
  7. 18FDG Uptake of Human Cancers Heterotran-splanted Into Nude Mice -Comparison with the Degree of the Histological Differentiation- (254 kb)
  8. The Metabolism of Cultured Glioma Cells in Relation to the Cell Kinetics (307 kb)
  9. Cell-Killing Effect of Chlorin e6Na by X-Ray Exposure on FM3A Tumor Cells in Vitro (127 kb)
  10. Efficiency of Grain Production in 18F Micro-Autoradiography (140 kb)
  11. Quantitative Micro-Autoradiograhic Study for Distributions of 18F-Fluor odeoxyglucose and 14C-Deoxyglucose in Mouse Brain (131 kb)
  12. Micro-Autoradiography for Simultaneous Observation of 18F-FdUrd and 3H-Thd (1064 kb)
  13. Distribution of 18F-FDG in Mouse Hippocampus: A Micro-Autoradiographic Study (120 kb)


  1. Differential Diagnosis of Idiopathic Fibrosis with PET (215 kb)
  2. Evaluation of Treatment Response to RadioTherapy in Lung Cancer with L-[methyl 11C]methionine (287 kb)
  3. Blood Flow of Experimental Tumor: Effect of CO2 or O2 Gas Inhalation (126 kb)
  4. Assessment of Tumor Blood Flow Using Positron Emission Tomography and H215O: Effect of Hydralazine (138 kb)
  5. Evaluation of Solid Cancer Chemotherapy Efficacy Using 18FDG-PET System (366 kb)
  6. Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism in Children with Hydrocephalus (593 kb)
  7. Assessment of the 18F-6-fluoro-L-DOPA Influx Rate to the Brain in Normal Human Subjects Using Positron Emission Tomography (266 kb)
  8. White Noise Stimuli Decrease rCBF of Primany Auditory Contex (183 kb)
  9. Changes of rCBF During Language Stimulation (133 kb)
  10. Handedness and Motor Function -CBF Study- (130 kb )
  11. High-Order Olfactory Projections Assessed with Positron Emission Tomography (222 kb)
  12. A Case Report of Peduncular Hallucinosis : Positron Emission Tomographic Study (338 kb)
  13. Brain Atrophy and Regional Cerebral Glucose Metaborism in Senile Dementia (123 kb)
  14. Evaluation of Codergocrine Mesylate on Glucose Metabolism in Multi-Infarct Dementi a by Test-Retest Method with PET (373 kb)
  15. Effects of Oren-gedoku-to on Cerebral Blood Flow and Glucose Metabolism in Stroke Patients as Evaluated by Positron Emission Tomography (340 kb)


  1. Geomagnetically Trapped Particles and Soft Errors on IC Observed in a Satellite (190 kb)
  2. Development of Endoscope with a Miniature Light-Guided Photon Detector (120 kb)
  3. Depth Distribution of Induced Radioactivity in Concrete Shield of Cyclotron Room. (156 kb)
  4. Radiation Protection and Management (70 kb)
  5. Training for Sefehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University (56 kb)