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  1. A Study of Single Proton States fbr the 21-23Na Nuclei through (d,n) Reactions at 25 MeV (280kb)
  2. Elastic and lnelastic Nucleon Scattering on 28Si in E<E 35 MeV and Core-Polalizaation Effect Derived from a Dispersive Optical-Model Analysis (332kb)
  3. Gamow-Teller Strength Distribution in A =38 System Studied by the 38Ar(p,n)38K Reaction (237kb)
  4. The lsospin-forbidden B-Decay of 64Ga (209kb)
  5. Measurement of Long-Livd 26AI Production Cross Section by 27Al(n,2n) Reaction Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (155kb)
  6. Measurement of 137Cs(r,n) Cross Section by Nuclear Recoil Methd (154kb)
  7. Nuclear g-Factors of the 3485 and 3925 keV lsomers in 142Nd (85kb)
  8. PAC Study of Quenched-in Vacancy in Cadmium (247kb)
  9. 0n the Specy of Stage III Defects in Cold-Worked or Irradiated Cadmium (202kb)
  10. Calculated PAC Spectrum of 111In in an Asymmetric EFG (132kb)
  11. NMR/ON (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Oriented Nuclei) Study Fe-Si Single Crystal (176kb)
  12. Mossbauer Study on Local Structural Change of lron Species during Pyrolysis of lron-loaded Brown Coal (211kb)
  13. Isomeric Yield Ratios in Proton-induced Fission of 238U (205kb)
  14. Facilities for High Energy r-Ray Measurements at CYRIC (193kb)
  15. Man Machine Communication Utility for the Data Taking System with u-VAX (268kb)
  16. Production of Focussed Radioactive Beams (117kb)
  17. Construction of an lon Trap for Nuclear Spectrosccopy Using a Laser-Microwave Double Resonance Method (II) - Detection of the Laser-Induced Fluorescence from the Trapped lons of 88Sr+ (250kb)
  18. High Resolution T-O-F Positron Emission Tomograph (387kb)
  19. Ion-Optical Design of a Pilot Seprator for the JHP-ISOL (197kb)


  1. Alpha Particle Activation Analysis of Seaweeds Using Syntheetic Reference Material as a Comparative Standard (157kb)
  2. Detemlination of Trace lmpurities in High Purity Rare Earth Metals and Oxides by Chargd-Particle Activation Analysis (204kb)
  3. Photon-Activation Analysis of 36 International Geostandards (147kb)
  4. Chemical Effiicts of LX-Ray lntensity Ratios in Niobium and Molybdenum Compounds by Elecron and Proton Bombardments (166kb)
  5. Adsorption of Pertechnetate lon on Active Carbon from Aqueous Solutions of Both Acids and Their Salts (147kb)
  6. Preparation of Carrier-Free Strontium lsotopes (185kb)


  1. An Automated [11C]H3I Synthesis with Feedback Controlled for Preparation of High Specific Activity 11C-Radiophamaceticals (234kb)
  2. Routine Preparation of 11C-Labeled Receptor Ligands [11C]YM-09151-2 and [11C]Pyrilamine from [11C]Methyl Iodide (242kb)
  3. Computer Controlled Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoro-D-Glucose from [18F]Fluoride with Feedback Control (332kb)
  4. A Chemical Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]fluoroacetamido-D-glucopyranose (N-[18F]Fluoroacetyl-D-glucosamine) from [18F]Fluolide (153kb)
  5. A Facile One-pot Synthesis of N-[18F]Fluoroacetyl-D-mannosamine (128kb)
  6. The Synthesis of o- and p-[18F]Fluorobenzyl Bromides and Their Application to the Prcparation of Labeled Neuroleptics (356kb)
  7. Carrier-flee 74As Production from Ge by Proton Irradiation (97kb)
  8. Potential of PET Tracers for Metabolic lmaging of Tumors (258kb)
  9. Melanoma lmaging Potential of 2-[18F]Fluorodopa (276kb)
  10. Mechanism for Localizatien of Pheophorbides inTumor. I. Biodistribution and Subcellular Distribution of 14C-Labeled Pheophorbide and Chlorin in Tumor-Bearing Mice (272kb)
  11. Mechanism for Localization of Phecophorbides in Tumor. II. Chromatographic Analysis of 14C-Labeled Pheophorbide and Chlorin in Tumor (248kb)
  12. Biodistribution of 14C-Octacosanol in Rats After Serial Doses Administration (245kb)
  13. Micro-Autoradiographic Method for 18FDG in MouseTissues (230kb)
  14. P-450; Structure, Function, and Regulation (168kb)

IV. MEDICINE(Clinical)

  1. Tracheobronchial Mucociliary Clearance and Alveolar Epithelial Permeability Measured with PET Using 18FDG Powder in Normal Volunteers (271kb)
  2. Measurement of Human Plasma L-[Methyl-11C] Methionine (137kb)
  3. Radiotherapeutic Effects on the Tumor Uptake of 11C-L-Methionine II: Monitoring of Tumor Recurrence (233kb)
  4. Dynamic Study of Methionine Uptake in Glioma Using Posiron Emission Tomography (372kb)
  5. Nultimodal Neuroimages of Adrenoleukodysrophy in Early Stage (214kb)
  6. PET Study of Dural Arterio Vcnous Malformation with Red Eyed Shunt Syndrome (285kb)
  7. Cerebral Glucosc Metabolism Around the Nidus of Arteriovenous Malformations (449kb)
  8. Cerebral Circulatory and Metabolic Changes Following Vascular Reconstruction Cerebral Occlusive Disease (356kb)
  9. Decreased Cerebral Glucose Membolism Associated with Mental Deterioration in Dementia of the Vascular Type (570kb)


  1. Neutron Streaming Through Labyrith from a Cyclotron Room (147kb)
  2. Penetration of 33 MeV Neurons through Iron and Concrete (160kb)
  3. Evaluation of Radiation Dose in Space Environment (156kb)
  4. Kinetic Analysis with Three-Compartment Model due to the Administration of 18FDG (145kb)
  5. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University (57kb)
  6. Radiation Protection and Management (77kb)