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  1. Parity-Dependence Potential for Composite Nuclei (201kb)
  2. Analog Transitions in sd-Shell Nuclei Studid by (p,n) Reaction (250kb)
  3. The 30Si(p,n)30P Reaction (214kb)
  4. Gamow-Teller Transition in the (p,n) Reaction on 42Ca and 44Ca (270kb)
  5. Spectroscopic Study of 41,45Sc Nuclei Through (d,n) Reactions at 25 MeV (232kb)
  6. Measurement of the Gamma-Ray Branching of the Mirror Decay of Mass Separated 57Cu (188kb)
  7. Production of 167Tm (122kb)
  8. Nuclear g-Factor and Halnife of the 2395 keV lsomer in 217Ra (198kb)
  9. Search for Shorn-Lived Neuron-Rich Nuclei Producd by Charge-Particle- Induced Fission of 238U with IGISOL (101kb)
  10. Measurement of Nuclear Charge Dispersion of Fission Products by Use of IGISOL (98kb)
  11. K-Shell lonization of Rare-Earth Elements in the Energy Range of 3-40 MeV/amu (195kb)
  12. Continum X Rays of 10-70keV form Carbon Thick-Target Bombarded by 3 MeV Protons (77kb)
  13. Preparation of PAC Specimen by a Diffiusion Method (146kb)
  14. PAC Spectrum Measurements in Ferromagnetic Metals (Fe and Ni) (160kb)
  15. Mossbauer Spectroscopy in a Single Crystal of Fe and Fe-Si Alloy (195kb)
  16. Nuclear Orientation Study of 56Co and 111In in Fe-Si Single Crystal (185kb)
  17. Point Charge Model Calculation of EFG Due to Vacancy and Vacancy Pair in FCC, BCC and HCP(Zn,Cd) Crystal Structure (233kb)
  18. Re-examination of "Cold Fusion" in Deuterium Charged Pd and T1 (230kb)
  19. Extraction of Technetium by Tri-n-octyl Amine Impregnated Resin (128kb)
  20. Construction of an lon-Trap for Nuclear Spectroscopy Using a Laser-Microwave Double.Resonance Method (184kb)
  21. A Fast Data Acquisition System for ln-Beam Nuclear Specroscopy (224kb)


  1. Substoichiometric Determination of Barium by the Liquid-Liquid Extraction with Macrocyclic Ethers (184kb)
  2. Syntheses of Technetium B-Diketone and 8-Quinolinol Complexes (158kb)
  3. 51Cr(acac)3 Yield in Recoil Inplantation of 51Cr in Fe(acac)3 Using Thin Film Technique (200kb)
  4. Dependence of the Ly1/Lb1 X-Ray lntensity Ratio on Chemical State in Molybdenum and Niobium Compounds (125kb)
  5. Charged Particle Activation Analysis of Some Contaminants in Boron and lts Compounds (147kb)
  6. Charged Particle Activation Analysis of Some Contaminants in Rare Earth Oxides (135kb)
  7. Zonal Variation of Volcanic Rock Chemistry Across the NE Honshu Arc (186kb)


  1. Production of [15O]CO2 the 15N(p,n)15O Reaction (183kb)
  2. Quantitative Evaluation of D2 Dopamine Receptor in Canine Striatum with C-11 Labeld YM 09151-2 and Positron Emission Tomography (289kb)
  3. Biological Characters of 6-Deoxy-6-[18F]Fluoro-D-Galactose (192kb)
  4. Membolic lmaging of Glycoconjugate Synthesis in Tumors with PET Using 6-[18F]Fluoro-L-Fucose (302kb)
  5. Tumor Uptake Study of 18F-Labeled N-Acetylneuraminic Acids (192kb)
  6. N-[18F]Fluoroacetyl-D-Glucosamine: A New Positron Labeled Pharmaceutical for Cancer Diagnosis, Preliminary Study (118kb)
  7. Change of Glucose Utilization in Brain of Sheep Fetus in Acidemia Caused by Cord Compression, A Positron Emission Tomography Study (230kb)
  8. Tumor Detection Study with 18F and 125I Labelled Fatty Acids (220kb)
  9. Metabolic lnvestigation of 45Ti Compounds in Rats (129kb)
  10. Comparative Biodistribution of Vanadium-48 and Phosphorus-32 in Wistar and ODS Rats (339kb)
  11. 0rgan Distribution of [48V]Vanadyl-Chlorin esNa for Tumor lmaging (201kb)

IV. MEDICINE(Clinical)

  1. Biological Malignancy and 18FdUrd Uptake in Glioma Patients -PET Study of Nucleic Acid Metabolism (486kb)
  2. The Accumulation of 11C-Methionine and Histological Grade in Cerebral Glioma Studied with PET (341kb)
  3. Metabolic Fate of L-[methyl-11C]Methionine in Human Plasma (275kb)
  4. Quantitative Evaluation of L-[methyl-C-11]Methionine Uptake in Tumor Using Positron Emission Tomography (385kb)
  5. Detection of Breast Cancer Recurrence with 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and PET -Case Report- (200kb)
  6. Error Analysis in 6-18F-DOPA Brain lnflux Rate Measured by Positron Emission Tomography (147kb)
  7. Cerbral Cortical Blood Flow and Oxygen Utilization in Women with Climacteric Symptoms and Complaints (281kb)
  8. A Study of the Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism of the Brain with PVH (431kb)


  1. Product Yield for the Photofission of 235U, 238U,237Np and 239Pu (172kb)
  2. Radioactivities Produced in Sr and Cs by Photonuclear Reactions of 60 MeV Bremsstrahlung (126kb)
  3. Activation Cross Section Musurements by 15-35 MeV Quasi-Monoenergetic P-Be Neutrons (134kb)
  4. Thermaliization of Neutron Produced by Accelerator in Concrete Room (163kb)
  5. Development of a Neutron Calibration Field with Radioactive Neutron Sources (155kb)
  6. Estimation of Absorbed Dose in Japanese due to the Administration of 18F-FDG in PET (216kb)
  7. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku University (55kb)
  8. Radiation Protection (70kb)