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  1. The 9Be(d,n)10B Reaction at 25 MeV (242kb)
  2. 12C(3He,d)13N and 13C(3He,d)14N Reactions (68kb)
  3. Three Nucleon Clustering Observed for 7- and 6- States in 16O via the 13C(a,n)16O Reaction (96kb)
  4. The 14C(p,n)14N Reaction at Ep= 35 MeV (179kb)
  5. Spectroscopic Study of 25,26,27AI Nuclei through (d,n) Reactions at 25 MeV (283kb)
  6. Measurements of Polarization in the 13C+12C Scattering (92kb)
  7. Optical Potential for the p-Shell Heavy lon Scattering (92kb)
  8. A Shell-Model Study of Gamow-Teller Matrix Elements in the 0f7/2-Shell Nuclei (147kb)
  9. Precision Half-Life Measurements of the Mirror Nuclei in the f7/2-Shell Using an IGISOL (186kb)
  10. Mossbauer Effect Studies of Valence Fluctuating Compound Sm3Se4 in an Applied Magnetic Field at Low Temperature (119kb)
  11. Annealing of Cd-In Alloys Studied by TDPAC (126kb)
  12. TDPAC Study of Cd-Rh Alloys (177kb)
  13. Calculation of G-Function for I = 5/2 Spin in an Asymmetric E,F,G,(n =/ 0) (128kb)
  14. A Mossbauer Effect Study of Fe-S1 Single Crystals (187kb)
  15. A Mossbauer Effect Study of Polycrystalline Fe-Si Alloys (102kb)
  16. Direct precision Measurement of the Half-Llfe of 163Ho by lsotope-Dilution Mass Spectrometry for Neutron-Mass Determination from Electric Capture (83kb)
  17. L and M X-Ray Production Cross Sections of Heavy Rare Earth Elements in the 3-40 Mev/amu Projectile-Energy Range (220kb)


  1. Multielement Determination in Biological Materials by Charged-Particle Activation Analysis Using the lnternal Standard Method Coupled with the Standard Addition Method (151kb)
  2. Solvent Extraction of Lanthanoid(III) with 18-Crown-6 and Trichloroacetate lon (130kb)
  3. Plutonic lnclusions in High-K Volcanics from Ulreung Island, Korea (148kb)
  4. Chemical Effects of Lr1/Lb1 X-Ray Intensity Ratio in Niobium Compounds (141kb)


  1. On-Line lnterconversion of [15O]O2 and [15O]CO2 via Metal Oxide by lsotopic Exchange (192kb)
  2. Biodistribution of [11C]Fludiazepam, an Agonist for Benzodiazepine Receptors (319kb)
  3. Biodistribution of 11C-Methamphetamine in Tissues of Mice (193kb)
  4. Metabolic Aspects of [11C]YM-09151-2, a Ligand for Dopamine D2 Receptors in Rats and Dogs (187kb)
  5. D2-Dopamine Receptor Selective Uptake of [11C]YM-09151-2 (527kb)
  6. Visualization of Neural Transmission in Dopaminergic Neurons of Dog Brain Using PET (141kb)
  7. Topographic Visualization of GABA and Muscarinlc Cholinergic Receptors in the Rat Brain (220kb)
  8. Increased Amounts of D-Enantiomer Dependent on Alkaline Concentration in the Synthesis of L-[methyl-11C] Methionine (155kb)
  9. Effect of Leaving Groups on the Preparation of [w-18F]Fluorofatty Acid via Nucleophilic Fluorination (204kb)
  10. Studies on Myocardial Fatty Acid Metabolism of Normal and Adriamycin-Treated Rats (168kb)
  11. Preparation of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoro-D-Glucose Powder lnhalation for Diagnosis of Lung Diseases (339kb)
  12. Studies on the Relationship between the Biodistribution of 45Ti-AsA in the Rat Kidney and Renal Functlons (223kb)
  13. 18FDG Uptake of Human Gastric Carcinomas Heterotransplanted into Nude Mice (148kb)
  14. Application of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoro-D-Galactose for Experliental Tumor Study (259kb)
  15. Tumor Uptake Studies of 6-[18F]Fluoro-L-Fucose and 6-Deoxy- 6-[18F]Fluoro-D-Galactose (244kb)
  16. Application of 6-[18F]Fluoropopa for Experimental Tumor Study (129kb)
  17. Localizing Ability of [48V]Vanadyl[IV]-Pheophorbide into Tumor (124kb)
  18. Metabolism of Vanadiuim-48 in Mice (113kb)
  19. Immunodetection of Soluble Auxin-Binding Protein from Carrot Cultured Cells (119kb)

IV. MEDICINE(Clinlcal)

  1. Differential Diagnosis of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules with Positron Emission Tomography Using 11C-L-Methionine (253kb)
  2. Radiotherapeutic Effects on the Tumor Uptake of 11C-L-Methionine (140kb)
  3. A Comparative Study between Brain Atrophy and Cerebral Blood Flow in Aged Normals and Patients with Reversible lschemic Attacks (258kb)
  4. Measurement of Cerebral Oxydative Metabolism of Glucose Using Positron Emission Tomography: Its Consistency with the Kety-Shmidt Method (343kb)
  5. Preservation of Glucose Metabolism in Caudate Region at the Terminal Stage of Late-Infantile Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis (174kb)
  6. Overall Increase with Focal Change in Regional Cerebral Metabolic Rate for Glucose at lctal Stage of Epilepsy with Electrical Status Epilepticus During Slow Sleep (150kb)


  1. A New Type Active Personal Dosemeter with a Solid State Detector (162kb)
  2. Activation Cross Section Heasurements by 15-35 MeV Quasi-Monoenergetic p-Be Neutrons (83kb)
  3. Product Yields for the Photofission of 238U, 237Np and 239Pu (153kb)
  4. Internal Dosimetry from lntakes of Radionuclides ln Nuclear Mediclne: A Preliminary Report (148kb)
  5. Shielding Design of High Energy lon Accelerator -Secondary Neutron Production from 2 GeV Alpha Particles - (74kb)
  6. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Beginners in Tohoku Unlversity (49kb)
  7. Radiation Protection (61kb)