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  1. The 12C(3He,n)14O Reaction at 45,5 MeV (228kb)
  2. Effects of Spin-Orbit Term in Optical Potential for Light Composite Projectiles (103kb)
  3. Isovector dJpai=0-, Transitions Observed in the (p,n) React:ions on 13C, 14,15N and the Tensor Part of the Effective N-N lnteraction (275kb)
  4. The 26Mg(3He,n)28Si Reaction at 23.1 and 45.5 MeV (183kb)
  5. Proton Particle States in 28Si and 29P Studied by the 27A1(d,n) and 28Si(d,n) Reaction at Ed = 25 MeV (207kb)
  6. The 34S(p,n)34Cl Reaction at 35 MeV and lts Microscopic DWBA Analysis; a Stringent Test for Shell-Model (198kb)
  7. Precision Half-Life Measurement of Tz = -1/2 Nuclei in the If7/2-Shell Region Using IGISOL (102kb)
  8. Measurement of the Mass of the Electron Anti-neutrino (73kb)
  9. A TDPAC Study of Proton lrradiated Cadmium (150kb)
  10. Effects of High Temperature Annealing on the TDPAC Spectrum of 111In(111Cd) in Cadmium Crystals (173kb)
  11. On the Orientation Dependence of TDPAC Spectrum (186kb)
  12. M X Rays of Yb and Lu lnduced by lon lmpacts (131kb)
  13. Stability Constant of Chloro Complex of Promethium (69kb)
  14. Sorption of Carrier-free Technetium-95m on Minerals and Rocks under Oxidizing and Reducing Conditions (122kb)
  15. Production of Focused Neutrons by the 1H(13C,n)13N Reaction (134kb)
  16. An Anti-Compton Gamma-Ray Spectrometer of Axial Type Using BGO Crystals (105kb)
  17. Peak Separation of X-Ray Spectra Measured with a Crystal Spectrometer (111kb)
  18. Development of Mult:i-Data Acquisition System with a DRU11-C Driver of the PDP11/44 Computer (59kb)
  19. Improvement of Time Resolutton in a TOF-PET System with the Use of BaF2 Crystals (266kb)
  20. Progress Report on the Tohoku CYRIC Neutron TOF Facitities (272kb)


  1. Multielement Determination in Biological Materials by Charged-Particle Activation Analysis Using the lnternal Standard Method (179kb)
  2. Solvent Extraction of V(IIl, IV, V) with Acetyl-acetone (124kb)
  3. Hot Atom Chemistry and Recoil lmplantation lnduced Reaction in Geometrical lsomers of Tris-(benzoylacetonato)Cr(III) (185kb)
  4. Photon-activation Analysis of GSJ Standard Rocks (123kb)
  5. Reduced Synthesis of 6-Aminolevulfnate Dehydratase by Styrene (127kb)


  1. Myocardial lmaging Using 11C-CoQ10 with Positron Emission Tomography (112kb)
  2. New Synthesis of (11C)Labeled Fatti Acid from H11CN (256kb)
  3. Synthesis of 1-[11C]Methyl-4-Phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyrldlne (86kb)
  4. Basic Examination of C-11 1-Pyruvate Synthesized in Tohoku University (134kb)
  5. The Uptake of ACNU in the Experimental Brain Tumor and the Effect of lnduced Hypertensfon - Part II - (159kb)
  6. Changes of 2-Deoxy-2=Fluro[18F]-D-Glucose Uptake tn Rat Hepatomas by Anticancer Drugs (223kb)
  7. Metabolism of 45Ti-Labeted Compounds: Effect of Ascorbic Acid (265kb)

IV. MEDICINE(Clinical)

  1. Current and Future Aspects of Cancer Diagnosis with Positron Emission Tomography: Bfological and Clinical Aspect (926kb)
  2. Clinical Studfes with 18F-5-Fluoro-Deoxyuridine in Lung Cancer (139kb)
  3. 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]Fluoro-D-Galactose: A New Tracer for the Evaluation of Liver Function by PET: A First Clinical Experience (185kb)
  4. New Liver Functional lmaging Using 2-Deoxy-2-(F-18)-Fluoro-D-Galactose (F-18 FDGal) (136kb)
  5. The lnfluence of Nimodipine on Cerebral Blood Flow - Study by PET - (251kb)
  6. A Case Report of Cerebral lnfarction Following "Misery Perfusion" (326kb)
  7. Regional lschemia on the Periphery of Old Cerebral lnfarcts: A Study with Positron Emission Tomography (172kb)
  8. The Clintcal Application of 18F-Fluoro-2-Deoxyuridine to the Brain Tumor Pat:ients (170kb)
  9. Calcutation of Rate Constants of [18F]-2-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-Glucose(FDG) in Lung Cancers (91kb)
  10. Mathematical Modelling in PET Studies (712kb)


  1. Pretreatment for Measurement of Water Effluent from CYRIC or Atomic Power Station (76kb)
  2. Energy Response of Solid State Detector (78kb)
  3. Radiation Protection (57kb)
  4. Traintng for Safehandlinq of Radiation and Radtoisotopes and X-Ray Machines for Begfnners in Tohoku University (53kb)