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  1. (p,n) Reactions on Light Nuclei and the Effective Nucleon-Nucleon lnteraction (157kb)
  2. Elastic and lnelastic Scattering of 84 MeV 14N lon for Light Nuclei (142kb)
  3. The 26Mg(3He,n) 28Si Reaction at 23,1, 45,5 and 64,6 MeV (107kb)
  4. Gamow-Teller Transition Strenqth in the Reaction 44Ca(p,n)44Sc*(0.67 MeV, 1+)at Ep = 35 MeV (113kb)
  5. The Decay of a Tz = -1/2 Millor Nucleus 57Cu (132kb)
  6. Low-energy (p,n) Cross Sections in A=58-71 Nuclei and Gamow-Teller Strength (205kb)
  7. In-Beam Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of 95Ru (77kb)
  8. Excitation of AL=1, AS=0 Giant Resonances in the (p,n) Reactions on 90Zn, 120Sn, 140Ce and 208Pb at Ep= 41 MeV (210kb)
  9. An Explanation for the Bumps in (p,d),(d.t) and (3He,a) Spectra tn Terms of One, and Two-Step Processes (193kb)
  10. Nuclear g-factor of the 2972 keV lsomer in 130Xe (112kb)
  11. TDPAC Measurements of Helium Decorated Vacancies in 111In-Implanted Cu and Stainless Steel (167kb)
  12. Measurement of the Residual Beam Deflection on Target in the External Magnetic Field for TIPAD Experiments (87kb)
  13. Preparation of 169Yb Calibration Sources for the Measurement of Electron Anti-Neutrino Mass (86kb)
  14. Chemical Effects on lnternal Conversion of Outer-Shell Electrons in 125Te (103kb)
  15. M X Rays of Rare Earth Elements Produced by Heavy-Charged Particle Bombardments (103kb)
  16. A Time Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation Study of Proton lrradiated Cadmium (104kb)
  17. Preparation of Carrier-Free 59Fe (72kb)


  1. Determination of Strontium in Biological Materials by Charged Particle Activation Analysis using the Stable-isotope Dilution Method(116kb)
  2. Determination of Several Minor Elements in Aluminium Alloys by Proton Activation Analysis using a New lnternal Standard Method (124kb)
  3. Liquid-Liquid Partition Coefficients of Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Thenoyltrifluoroacetonates and Dimethyldithiocarbamates (152kb)
  4. Elemental Analysis of Yellow Sand by PIXE (95kb)
  5. Trace Element Geochemistry of Nyamuragira Volcano, East Africa (149kb)


  1. Optimisation of the Catalytic Production of H11CN (165kb)
  2. Synthesis and Biodistribution of 11C-Labeled Pargyline, an lrreversible lnhibitor of Monoamine Oxidase (214kb)
  3. Synthesis of C-11 Tamoxifen and its Biodistributton (164kb)
  4. 11C-Labeling of lndolealkylamine Alkaloids and the Comparative Study of Their Biodtstributions (266kb)
  5. 11C-Labeled Dimethyltryptamine: A New Radiopharmaceutical for the Brain lmaging (380kb)
  6. Automated Synthesis of 18F-5-Fluoro-2-Deoxyuridine (148kb)
  7. 18F-Fluoro-2-Deoxyuridine and Experimental Brain Tumor (139kb)
  8. An Experimental Study for Diagnosis of Orbital Tumor by Positron CT using 18F Flurodeoxyuridine in Animal Studies (166kb)
  9. Placental Transfer of Positron-emitting Metabolic Substrates (216kb)
  10. 45Ti-DTPA and Blood-Brain Barrier (132kb)
  11. Basic lnvestigation of Quantitative Positron Autoradiography (89kb)
  12. Estimation of Drug-effect in Use of Multi-tracer Autoradioqraphy - Effect of S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine on Post-Ischemic Brain lnjury in Rat - (302kb)
  13. The Effect of Pentoxifylline and Propentofylline(HWA-285) on Post-Ischemic Rat Brain (450kb)
  14. 86Rb+ Uptake during Narrowing Movement of Trap-lobes in Aldrovanda vesiculosa (117kb)
  15. 125I-Radioimmunological Study of Antibodies against HMG Proteins from Pig Thymus (194kb)

IV. MEDICINE(Clintcal)

  1. Assessment of Cerebra1 Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism in Human - Validation of Technique and Preliminary Results (223kb)
  2. Measurement of CBF and CMRO2 in Childhood Moyamoya Disease - An lnvestigation into "Re-build up Phenomenon" by Positron CT - (287kb)
  3. Regional Cerebral Blood Volume in Normal Subjects and Patients with Dementia using 11-C Carbon Monoxide lnhalation Methods and Positron Emission Tomography (122kb)
  4. Cerebral Glucose Utilization in Normal and Demented Subjects - A Quantitative Measurement using 18F-2-Fluoro-Deoxy-Glucose and Positron Emission Tomography (175kb)
  5. Quantitative Measurement of Lunq Density with Positron Computed Tomoqraphy - Normal and Diseased Lungs - (163kb)
  6. Experimental Studies on Myocardial Metabolism with B-Methyl-(1-11C)Heptadecanoic Acid (110kb)
  7. Carbon-11-L-Methionine lmaging in Lung Cancer and Benign Tumor: Clinical Study with Positron Emission Tomography (340kb)
  8. Evaluation of the Radiation Effect on the Uptake of (F-18)-2-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose in Experfmental Tumor (93kb)
  9. Clinical Evaluation of Cancer Diagnosis with 18F-2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro(18F)-D-Glucose: lts Usefulness in Liver and Pancreatic Cancers (166kb)
  10. Increased Uptake of 2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro(18F)-D-Glucose in Maliqnant Tumors (99kb)
  11. Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism of Malignant Brain Tumor - Clinical lnvestigation by Positron Emission Computed Tomography - (138kb)
  12. A Clinical Study for Diagnosis of Orbital Pseudotumor by Positron CT using 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and 11C-Glucose-Fructose Mixture (182kb)


  1. Neutron and r-Ray Dosimetry by Means of Solid State Track Detector (CR-39) and TLD (181kb)
  2. Radiation Protection (56kb)
  3. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes for Beginners in Tohoku University (25kb)