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  1. Electron Antineutrino Mass from the Beta Decay of 3H (62kb)
  2. Effective lnteractions for Analyses of Low-Energy (p,n) Reactions (152kb)
  3. A Woods-Saxon Optical-Model Description of 14N Elastic and lnelastic Scattering from 27Al and 28Si (103kb)
  4. Isovector Deformation Parameters from the (p,n) Reaction on 54,56Fe and 58,60,62,64Ni at 35 MeV (188kb)
  5. Observation of Gamow-Teller Strength Distribution in the Reaction 7lGa(p,n)71Ge for Application to Solar-Neutrino Detection (196kb)
  6. In-Beam r-Ray and Conversion-Electron Spectroscopy of 107In (111kb)
  7. Electron Neutrino Mass from the Electron Capture of 163HO (66kb)
  8. Excitation Functions of the 164Dy(p,xn) Reactions (67kb)
  9. The Life Measurements of the 1458 keV Level in 166Er (70kb)
  10. Nuclear g-Factor of the 275.4-keV 5- Isomeric State in 212At (109kb)
  11. Multiple Inner-Shell Ionization of Alminum Atoms by 3-15-MeV/amu Proton and 3He2+-Ion Bombardments (121kb)
  12. Projectile-Charge Dependence of Quasifree-Electron Bremsstrahlung (99kb)
  13. An lnternal Friction Study of Hydrogen in Cyclotron lrradiated Va Transition Metals (118kb)
  14. Acceleration of C, N, O and Ne lons with Gas Discharge PIG lon Source (75kb)
  15. Central-Region Studies of Heavy lon Extraction for the CYRIC Cyclotron (167kb)
  16. Development of a High-Speed Target Rotation System (96kb)
  17. Preparation of an 111lnCu(He) PAC Source by the lon lmplantation Technique (115kb)


  1. Substoichiometric lsotope Dilution Analysis of Vanadium by Synergistic Extraction (133kb)
  2. Determination of Phosphorus in Low-Alloy Steels by Charged-Particle Activation Analysis (127kb)
  3. Determination of Phosphorus, Chlorine, Potassium and Calcium in Control Serums by Charged-Particle Activation Analysis (153kb)
  4. Proton Activation Analysis of Trace lmpurities in Purified Cobalt (116kb)
  5. Determination of Strontium, Cesium and Barium in Igneous Rocks by Photon-Activation Analysis (133kb)
  6. Statistical Analysis of Compositional Variation in Jeju Alkaline Lavas, Korea (182kb)
  7. Determination of Formation Rate Constant of Carrier-Free 111In(III) with EDTA (72kb)
  8. Solvent Extraction Behavior of 96Tc-TTA complex (86kb)
  9. Coprecipitation of Carrier-Free 95mTcO2 with Zirconium Hydoxide in the Presence of Sodium Borohydride (81kb)
  10. Chemical Effects on Kb/Ka x-Ray lntensity Ratio for 97mTc and 95mTc (91kb)


  1. Synthesis of 11C-Coenzyme Q10 (158kb)
  2. (C-11) Labeling of the Neurohumoral Transmitters: 11C-Acetylcholine and 11C-Choline (150kb)
  3. Production of 11C-Cyanamide as a New Precursor for 11C-Guanidine Dertvative Synthesis (111kb)
  4. Synthesis and Biodistribution of 11C-Aralkylguanidines (119kb)
  5. A Novel Synthesis of No Carrier Added 11C-DL-Alnino Acid (85kb)
  6. Synthesis of [13N]-Nitrous Oxide (96kb)
  7. Automated Synthesis of [18F]-Methyl Fluoride (142kb)
  8. Fully Automated Synthesis of 18F-2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro-D-Glucose by Microcomputer Control (266kb)
  9. Tumor Detect:ion with Carbon-11-Labeled Amino Acids (221kb)
  10. Changes of Myocardial Uptake of N-13 Ammonia by Fasting (100kb)
  11. Metabolic lnvestigation of 18F-5-Fluorouracil, 18F-5-Fluoro-2-Deoxyuridine and 18F-5-Fluorouridine in Rats (149kb)
  12. Biochemical lnvestigation of 18F-Labeled Pyrimidines and 3H-Deoxythymidine in Tumor-Bearing Rats and Mice (201kb)
  13. Autoradiographic Study of 18F-Fluorodeoxyuridine in the Experimental Brain Tumor (118kb)
  14. Tumor Detection Using 18F-Fluorodeoxyuridine in Animal Studies (67kb)
  15. Experimental Studies on Myocardial Glucose Metabolism of Rat:s (107kb)
  16. Difference in Glucose Metabolism among Brain, Myocardium and Tumor (129kb)
  17. Quantitative Measurement of Glucose Utilization in Dog Brain Using positron Emission Tomogram and 18FDG (178kb)
  18. An Experimental Study for Diagnosis of Orbital Tumor by Positron CT Using 18F-2-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose(18F-FDG) (211kb)
  19. (F-18)-2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro-D-Galactose: A Potential Tracer for the Assessment of Sugar Metabolism in the Liver by Positron Emission Tomography (194kb)
  20. Comparative Study on Tumor Accumulation of 18F-Labeled Deoxy-Aldohexoses (137kb)
  21. The New BBB lndicator of Positron Emitting Radionuclide Tracer - 45Ti-DTPA (130kb)
  22. Multiple Label Autoradiography Using Emitting Radionuclide (154kb)
  23. Further Evaluations of ECAT II (201kb)


  1. Radiation Protection (57kb)
  2. Training for Safehandling of Radiation and Radioisotopes for Beginners in Tohoku University (26kb)