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  1. Spin Mode in the Low-Energy(p,n) Reaction (184kb)
  2. 0+ -> 0- Transition Observed in the Reaction 16O(p,n)16F (206kb)
  3. Nuclear g-Factor of the 17/2+ Isomeric State tn 63Cu (117kb)
  4. Level-Crossing Resonance of r-Ray Anisotropy for the 398-keV 9/22 State of 69Ge in Zn Stngle Crystal (91kb)
  5. In-Beam r-Ray Spectroscopy of 107In (74kb)
  6. Calibration of the Mossbauer lsomer Shift of 119Sn (122kb)
  7. Production of the Long-Lived lsotopes 163Ho for the Study of the Mass of Electron Neutrino (118kb)
  8. Excitation of Giant Gamow-Teller Resonances in the Reaction 140Ce(p,n)140Pr (216kb)
  9. Quasifree Electron Bremsstrahlung Induced by 20-MeV Proton lmpact (240kb)
  10. Angular Dependence of the Detection Limit of PIXE (129kb)
  11. Escape Effect of Secondary Electron Bremsstrahlung (135kb)
  12. Polarization Effect of Orbital Electrons in High-Energy lmpact (123kb)
  13. A Benchmark Experiment for Fast Neutron Transport in Graphite (107kb)
  14. Preparation and Analysfs of Trttium-Niobium Specimen (166kb)
  15. Oxygen Contaminatton in Cyclotron lrradiated Nb (82kb)
  16. Post-Irradiation Annealing Behavior of 10 MeV 4He+-Ion Bombarded Molybdenum (81kb)
  17. 16 MeV proton lnduced Radioactivity in Component Materials (108kb)
  18. A Reliable Gas Feeding System for a Heavy lon Source (136kb)
  19. Nitrogen Acceleration with a Cold Cathode Type PIG lon Source (184kb)
  20. Reduction of the Neutron-Induced r-Ray Background in an ISOL Experiment by Making Use of a Beam Chopper (57kb)
  21. Design of Scintillation-Neutron Detector for Time-of-Flight Expertments (161kb)
  22. A Magnet System for ln-Beam Perturbed Angular Distribution Measurement (134kb)
  23. Construction of a Single-Wire Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter for Magnetic Analysis of low Energy Electrons (57kb)
  24. A Mini-Orange Spectrometer for lnternal Conversion Measurement in ISOL and ln-Beam Experiments (126kb)


  1. Determination of Oxygen Concentration in Silicon by 3He Activation Analysis (129kb)
  2. Charged Particle Activation Analysis of Oxygen in lron (121kb)
  3. Charged Particle Activation Analysis of Phosphorus in Biological Materials (108kb)
  4. Substoichiometric Speciation of lnorganic Tin and Some Organotin Compounds (217kb)
  5. Coprecipitation of carrier-free 95m-TcO2 in the presence of Fe(II) (102kb)
  6. Solvent Extraction of Carrier-free 96TcO4- with Tetraphenylarsonium Salts (125kb)
  7. Study of Sum Peak Method in Biological Substances by Using 111-In (57kb)
  8. Stability Constants of Chloro and Bromo Complexes of Some Lanthanoids(III) and Actinoids(III) (102kb)
  9. Studies on Chemical Effects of Nuclear Recotil lmplantation in Various Complex Compounds (79kb)


  1. Automated Synthesis of 11CH3I (139kb)
  2. Automated Photosynthesis of 11C-Glucose (163kb)
  3. Synthesis of 13N-labeled Amino Acids (128kb)
  4. Syntheses of 18F-2-Fluoro-2-deoxyglucose and 18F-2-Fluoro-2-deoxymannose (162kb)
  5. Syntheses of 18F-5-Fluorouracil, 18F-Fluorouridine and 18F-5-Fluoro-2-deoxyuridine (205kb)
  6. Preparation and Medica1 Application of 45Ti (204kb)
  7. Routine Method of 77Kr Production (144kb)
  8. Experimental Study of Cancer Diagnosis with C-11 Labeled Glucose and Fructose Mixture (166kb)
  9. Experimental Study of Cancer Dtagnosts with F-18 Fluorinated Glucose Analog: 18FDG and 18FDM (226kb)
  10. Distribution and Enterohepatic Circulation of 18F-5-Fluorouracil in Tumor-Bearing and Normal Rats (161kb)
  11. Tumor Uptakes of 18F-Fluorouridine and 18F-Fluoro-deoxyuridine in Experimental Animals (113kb)
  12. Studies on Myocardial Metabolism of Rats Using Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals
    (1)Changes of Myocardial Glucose Metabolism in the Course of Fasting
  13. Studies on Myocardial Metabolism of Rats Using Positron Emitting Radiophamaceuticals
    (2)Measurement of Myocardial Metabolism with C-11 Palmitate
  14. Studies on Myocardial Metabolism of Rats Using Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceuttcals
    (3)Effects of Diet on Myocardial Glucose Metabolism
  15. Studies on Myocardial Metabolism of Rats Using Positron Emttting Radiopharmaceuticals
    (4)Changes of Myocardial Glucose Metaboltsm by lnsulin or Epinephrine lnjection
  16. Installation of a Positron Tomography (147kb)
  17. Pancreas lmaging Study with 13N-Glutamic Acid Using Positron Computer Tomography (218kb)
  18. Performance Evaluation of a Positron Computed Tomography; ECAT II (189kb)
  19. Experience in Use of Multi-Labeled Autoradiography by Means of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and 14C-Iodoantipyrine (140kb)
  20. Experimental Study of Proton Irradiation on C3H/He Mice (140kb)
  21. Monochromatic Medical Radiography by Particle Bombardment II (173kb)


  1. Partition of Beam Time (25kb)
  2. Main Characteristics of the Tohoku Cyclotron (41kb)


  1. Training for Safehandling of Radiat:ion and Radioisotopes for Beginners in Tohoku Untversity (26kb)
  2. Radiation Protection (53kb)