Towards Radionuclide Cancer Therapy /Production of High Purity 177Lu from 176Yb — JPS Hot Topics

Research professor Yasuki NAGAI, professor Masatoshi ITOH (Division of Accelerator), and their colleagues published a paper in Apr. 2022 to JPSJ (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan), and the paper was selected as a Editors’ choice. In addition, it was introduced in JPS Hot Topics on Jun. 3rd, 2022.

This research result provides necessary information for the cancer therapy with 177Lu in a near future.

  • Published paper: Estimated Isotopic Compositions of Yb in Enriched 176Yb for Producing 177Lu with High Radionuclide Purity by 176Yb(d,x)177Lu, Y. Nagai et al., J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 91, 044202 (2022).
  • JPS Hot Topics web page: Towards Radionuclide Cancer Therapy with High Purity 177Lu from Enriched 176Yb Samples, JPS Hot Topics 2, 018.
Figure: Citation from JPS Hot Topics 2, 018 (2022). © 2022 The Physical Society of Japan